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The Schools of Lasell University

The schools of Lasell University provide students with an interdisciplinary and connected approach to learning in the areas of business, communication, fashion, health sciences, and humanities, education, justice and social sciences.  Located just 8 miles from Boston, 100% of Lasell students completed at least 1 professional internship and 96% of Lasell alumni are employed or in graduate school 6 months after graduation.

Our Connected Learning philosophy gives students the chance to explore real issues, events, problems, and solutions inside the classroom and out; each program offers students the opportunity to actively participate in their field of study with internships or study abroad.




View a complete list of undergraduate programs and graduate programs.

I knew Lasell was the place for me because of the hands on, Connected Learning style in the classrooms. You aren't just being told information, but actually applying this information to the real world.

Katie Jones

Public Relations, 2020

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