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School of Communication & the Arts

B.A. in Sport Communication

Sports Communication

Sport Communication at Lasell

The major in Sport Communication program prepares graduates to pursue careers in sport announcing, sport information, reporting, as well as working with sport agencies and planning sport events for organizations.

By blending theory with hands-on learning, the program immerses students in the study of sport media, events, and marketing. Students are media literate and knowledgeable about the latest technologies used in the sports communication industry.

Program Features

The program features many extracurricular opportunities to give students leadership/team experience and portfolio material. These experiences include:

  • Opportunities to apply their knowledge in student media outlets including Lasell Community Television (LCTV) and WLAS radio.
  • The program culminates with students completing at least one required internship and a capstone experience in which they develop a digital portfolio to showcase their undergraduate projects and skills. 
  • Students are required to do at least one internship and encouraged to either study abroad or domestically such as Semester-in-Washington D.C.

What You'll Learn

From your first day, you’ll take courses in your major and advance towards graduation with a yearly plan. Not sure what classes to take? We’ll help you create the perfect plan. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Communicate clearly and effectively with diverse audiences through writing and speaking.
  • Critically analyze the content, functions, effects, and ethics of media in a diverse, global society.
  • Formulate applied communication research questions and employ quantitative or qualitative methods to gather, analyze, and share findings.
  • Employ tools and technology within industry standards to plan and implement communications to achieve strategic public relations objectives and evaluate results.
  • Identify and articulate one’s skills, strengths and experiences relative to public relations career goals, and identify areas necessary for professional growth.

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Undergraduate alumni return to Lasell for second (or third!) degrees 
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Career Success in the Sport Communication Industry

Our students have interned with:

  • Viacom
  • Converse, Inc.
  • Dunkin Brands, Inc.
  • Madison Square Garden
  • Reebok Global Headquarters
  • The Boston Celtics
  • The New England Patriots
  • The Boston Globe
  • The Boston Hearld
  • iHeart Media

Our alumni work for:

  • Publicist
  • Media liaison
  • Public affairs officer
  • Community relations coordinator
  • Media planner
  • Speech writer
  • Press secretary
  • Corporate communications director
  • Event coordinator
  • PR account executive

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Lasell's emphasis on small class sizes really drew me in.

Lynn Hilton '23

Communication major with a Video Production minor

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Lynn Hilton

BUSS220 - Principles of Marketing

In this course, the fundamentals of marketing are explored for practical application in today's business environment. The process of creating value for customers by utilizing the tools of marketing -- market segmentation, targeting and positioning, marketing research and communications, product development, channels of distribution, and pricing -- are explored with a project-based, interactive approach. Additionally, there is a service learning component included in this course that enables students to further apply the course concepts while working to advance a participating non-profit organization. Prerequisites: BUSS101, COM101, HEM101, HEM102, FASH101, or SMGT102 AND ENG102 or WRT102.

COM209 - Journalism

Journalism is a fast changing industry and this course prepares students for the change. Students learn to report and produce a variety of news and feature pieces, for print and multi-media platforms, including Q and A interviews, news and feature stories, opinion pieces, reviews, photo galleries, social media campaigns and more. Assignments can be produced on sports, fashion, entertainment, arts and culture, business, politics and more. Students have the opportunity to publish their work in The 1851 Chronicle newspaper and website. Prerequisite: WRT102

COM230 - Media, Sports & Society

This course introduces students to the various aspects of the sport-media relationship including its history, industries, audiences and societal impacts. Students will think critically about how sport and sport figures are represented in media and the roles that mediated sports play in society, and fandom. The course considers the relationship between sport media and social issues such as race, ethnicity, gender and social class. Students will emerge with a deeper understanding of mediated sports as more than business or entertainment entities, but as an influential part of society. Prerequisite: COM101

COM231 - Sports Communication

In this introductory class, students develop competency to communicate about sports in a variety of formats. The course explores sport journalism, sports information, radio and TV announcing and integrated marketing communications including public relations and advertising. Students also gain practical experience in writing for broadcast and digital media, managing social media campaigns for branding and impact, promoting athletic teams, and managing sports communication during a crisis. Formerly - COM309

SMGT102 - Contemporary Sport Management

This course provides an overview of general principles and practices of the sport industry, covering all facets of sport management, including leadership, sociology, marketing, legal aspects, finance, and governance, in both professional and amateur sports setting. Students learn and understand those unique aspects of sport management that distinguish it from other management fields. Students gain an increased awareness of various career opportunities in the sport industry.

SMGT302 - Sport Marketing

This course explores sport as a product, its consumer markets, and sports products markets. It examines the processes of sport marketing, research, information management, identification of target markets, and the development of a sport marketing mix and strategies. Prerequisites: SMGT 102, BUSS 220.

SMGT304 - Sports Information & Communication

This course examines the fundamentals in sport information, publicity, and promotions. Preparation of news releases, local features, publications of programs and brochures, statistical breakdowns, dealing with the press, and the promotion of specific events, teams, and individuals are included. Prerequisite: ENG 102 & SMGT102