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School of Communication & the Arts

Student Involvement

The School of Communication & the Arts provides students the opportunity to gain first-hand industry experiences from their start at Lasell. Students are prepared for dynamic and creative careers with Lasell's award-winning student publications, student clubs and organizations, campus studios, college-sponsored immersive trips, networking events, internships, and more.

Industry Connections

SoCA Day
SoCA Day, an annual professional networking event on campus, provides students with opportunities to meet and network with industry experts in journalism, TV, radio, public relations, advertising, and sports communication, specifically with editors, contributors, and executives from the Boston Globe, Comcast SportsNet, Major League Baseball, Johnson & Johnson, and JetBlue. This years event will highlight the intersection of design and communication. Where an ever-changing media landscape demands new strategies and methods in storytelling and problem-solving.
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Washington D.C.
Students have multiple opportunities to experience the media industry in Washington D.C.:

  • Annual 3-day trip to Washington, D.C.: Students experience the media industry by exploring places such as the Newseum, The Press Club, NPR, and more.  Recently, students met with members of U.S. Representative Joe Kennedy's team. Students have visited the White House, the National Press Club, and Fleishman Hill PR, as well as met and networked with former students and the Press Secretary in Senator Elizabeth Warren's office.
  • Semester-in-Washington D.C.: Students spend a semester studying and working at an internship in Washington D.C.


1851 Chronicle
The 1851 Chronicle provides students experience working in a newsroom to write, design, layout, and publish a newspaper. The 1851 Chronicle gives students an opportunity to voice their opinions about campus happenings, and covers various events that occur both on and off campus that are of interest to the Lasell University community.

is Lasell University's award-winning student-run fashion and lifestyle magazine, students gain practical experience as writers, editors, photographers, producers, and designers. 

is the award-winning student-run publication that celebrates the visual and written arts.

Clubs & Organizations

WLAS 102.9 FM- Lasell University Radio
WLAS Lasell University Radio is Lasell's on-campus, state-of-the-art radio station that is programmed, produced, and promoted by students. 25% of the shows are run by first-year students. WLAS is an iHeart Radio Station.  
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Lasell University Television (LCTV)
LCTV brings opportunities for students to develop film and utilize current technologies to produce and learn about the production of television shows and other digital media.

Graphic Design League
The Graphic Design League was formed to encourage a spirit of unity, collaboration, and professionalism in Lasell University's graphic arts community. It infuses Lasell's Connected Learning philosophy by providing students experiences with the Lasell community and within the greater Boston area.

Lasell University Drama Club
The Drama Club consists of students who have a passion for any aspect of performing arts. The group works to spread the wonders of the theatrical world throughout the Lasell community.

Pulse Dance Team
The student-run dance team performs a mix of jazz and hip-hop routines at events both on- and off-campus, including during half-time at sporting events. The team consists of dancers at various levels.

Lasell University Video Game Club
The Video Game Club works to bring together the Lasell community through the electronic arts.

The 1851 Chronicle is Lasell's student newspaper that gives students an opportunity to experience journalism first hand.