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School of Communication & the Arts

Graphic Design Major

Graphic Design at Lasell

The B.A. major in Graphic Design prepares students for careers in graphic design.Students learn  the skills, methodology and artistry to creatively solve visual problems on behalf of clients.

Students emerge with a generalist skillset but also have the opportunity to focus on specific areas of design, such as publication, motion, UX/Interactive and web design. 

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Program Features

  • Gain practical studio experience rooted in theoretical knowledge in illustration, motion graphics, photography, typography, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), and design for the Web and mobile devices.

  • The Graphic Design League (a club that functions like an in-house agency) and award-winning publications, like Polished and Tarnished Magazine.

  • Students are required to do at least one internship and encouraged to study abroad.

  • The Graphic Design program is situated in the Yamawaki Center, which is equipped with a Mac lab, Photography Studio, Ceramics Studio, Printmaking Studio and classroom studios for Drawing and Painting, as well as its own gallery. 

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Learning Outcomes

  • Evolved creative thinking skills.
  • Strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Strong design and fine arts skills.
  • Visual articulation and literacy.
  • Effective verbal communication skills project.

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Career Success in the Graphic Design Industry

Lasell’s program in Graphic Design prepares students for careers in graphic design, digital design, motion graphic design, and more.

Our students have interned with:

  • TJX 
  • Boston Magazine 
  • America’s Test Kitchen 
  • L’elite Magazine 
  • Bruins 
  • Music Museum of New England 
  • Sabre Graphics 

Our alumni work as:

  • Art Director
  • Art Editor
  • Textile Designer
  • Commercial Artist




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Grace Hingum '24

Graphic Design

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Grace Highum

ARTH107 - Special Topics in Art (KP)

This course introduces students to the study of art history by focusing on one theme, one artist, or one form of art. Painting, sculpture, architecture, and prints and drawings may be considered. Stylistic, cultural, and historic elements are components of the course.

ARTS101 - Studio Drawing I

This course introduces students to a variety of drawing tools and media. Drawing from life, line, tonality, illusional space, and perspective are explored. Creativity and individual expression are stressed.

ARTS126 - Fundamentals of Visual Art (KP)

This course is an introduction to the basic principles and strategies for visual art-making and art appreciation, with an emphasis on developing an awareness and sensitivity to art as an integral part of one's life and as a way to complement one's aesthetic needs. This is a lecture course with studio art-making modules designed to complement visual material, critical essays, museum/gallery trips and impart basic skills in visual communication.

ARTS201 - Studio Drawing II

This course offers the experienced drawing student a chance to continue building life drawing, human figure, still lifes and landscape skills. In addition to studio work, students learn what is necessary to advance their knowledge of design by studying the masters. Periodic class discussions help students learn visual analysis and a general approach to the criticism of art. Prerequisite: ARTS101 Studio Drawing I or permission of instructor.

ARTS219 - Digital Photography I

This course provides an introduction to the basic concepts of digital imaging as applied to Photography. Students combine traditional photographic methods with the latest digital techniques, using image manipulation software, scanning equipment and other computer-based tools. Students are responsible for providing their own digital camera.

ARTS319 - Digital Photography II

This course involves the study of the graphic image and how visual messages are used in a diverse media. This is an advanced photography course with an emphasis on technical methods. Hands-on studio projects give the student skills that contribute to thoughtful and effective communication. Prerequisite: ARTS219 Digital Photography I.

GRAP105 - Digital Design Essentials

This course offers an introduction to three of the most important software applications in the Adobe Creative Cloud for a student who is interested in Graphic Design:  Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Students learn image generation and editing in both pixel-based and vector-based environments as well as digital page composition for print publishing. This is a project-based course that initiates and improves students' skill set for the implementation of computer graphics.

GRAP201 - Imaging for Graphic Design

This illustration course is designed to develop students' compositional and image development skills for the field of Graphic Design. Using a combination of traditional and digital methods of imaging, students expand their visual vocabulary for successful graphic communications. Prerequisite: GRAP105 Digital Design Essentials or equivalent (such as FASD205 Digital Design for Apparel or FASH207 Digital Tools for Fashion).

GRAP204 - Graphic Design I

This is an introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of graphic design, with an emphasis on developing a working literal and visual vocabulary. Students are challenged with conceptual design exercises that promote the essential values of good research, process, and presentation practices. Prerequisite: GRAP201 Imaging for Graphic Design.

GRAP205 - Graphic Design II

This course builds on the foundational principles that are introduced in Graphic Design I. Students strengthen their design skills through a series of design briefs in the areas of print and electronic media. Reflective writings and research assignments contribute to improved critical thinking and writing skills. Prerequisite: GRAP204 Imaging for Graphic Design.

GRAP207 - Web Design & Development

This course introduces the student to the most current coding and markup languages that are integral to successful Web site development. It also introduces the student to authoring software, such as Adobe Dreamweaver, that assists designers with the coding demands of Web authorship. Other topics which add to this comprehensive course are the history of the Internet and World Wide Web Consortium, the power of CSS, and the design and layout principles that contribute to successful Web site development from technical, interactive, and aesthetic viewpoints. Prerequisite: GRAP105 Digital Design Essentials or equivalent

GRAP208 - Graphic Design History

This course introduces students of design to the origins of the discipline. It emphasizes the Modernist period, during which design rapidly evolved as typography, photography and new printing methods were explored by artists of the Bauhaus and other European schools and movements. The course demonstrates how these innovators influence graphic design as we know it today.

GRAP301 - Typography I

This course surveys the application of expressive letterforms since the invention of the printing press. With a historical overview that illuminates the terminology used by professional designers, students are encouraged to explore their own means of typographic expression. The fundamentals of structure, spacing, and rhythm are emphasized as they influence form and function. Prerequisites: GRAP105 Digital Design Essentials.

GRAP302 - Typography II

In this course, students expand their design practice in the application of typography to a variety of forms and contexts. This is a process-oriented course focused on the advancement of a personal "typographic voice." Students learn to structure informational hierarchies and how to sequence typographic materials across multiple pages. Issues of personal interpretation and legibility are emphasized. Prerequisite: GRAP301 Typography I

GRAP307 - Motion Graphics

In this course, students develop conceptual and visual problem-solving skills as they relate to motion studies and time-based art. Through demonstrations, studio sessions and critiques students create portfolio-quality animation and motion study projects.

GRAP308 - Interactive & UX Design

This course offers a deeper exploration of designing and authoring interactive content on a variety of platforms with an emphasis on user experience (UX), building upon skills and strategies acquired in basic web design and graphic design courses. Students will use designer tools such as Adobe Animate and Adobe XD, which offer designers the opportunity to create code-based interactions with minimal knowledge of programming languages, such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and proprietary app building languages and workflows. Prerequisite: GRAP207 Web Design and Development and GRAP105 Digital Design Essentials or equivalent.

GRAP309 - Graphic Design for the Marketplace

This course engages advanced Graphic Design students with a curriculum derived from a collection of prepared design briefs. With established methods of research, conceptualization, innovation and art production, students are offered "real world" challenges for graphic design solutions. This course emphasizes sound business practices and ethical guidelines for a career in commercial art. Prerequisites: GRAP205 Graphic Design II, GRAP302 Typography II.

GRAP311 - Digital 3D Design

This is a digital imaging course that introduces students to creating within three-dimensional, virtual space. Line, composition, planes, volume, and surfaces are studied from both additive and subtractive geometric process. Students develop design solutions and construct various models that involve texture mapping and placing those models in convincing three-dimensional environments. Problem solving for creative imaging as it applies to commercial graphic projects is emphasized. Prerequisites: GRAP105 Digital Design Essentials and GRAP201 Imaging for Design.

GRAP322 - Photography for Design

This course will emphasize graphic design workflows that use photography as key elements of design. Students will deepen their understanding of shooting for design outcomes, exploring product shot staging and lighting, working with models, props and sets. In turn, they will add to their image editing, compositing and layout skills by working with their photos using a powerful digital toolset. Prerequisites: ARTS219 Digital Photography I and ARTS319 Digital Photography II or instructor approval.

GRAP399 - Internship Seminar

A critical component of a successful Internship experience is finding an appropriate placement. In this seminar students will identify their personal work style and strengths, will identify a good career match, will create an effective cover letter and resume, will explore effective networking, interviewing, and negotiation skills. This course will help students identify search tools for finding internships. A goal of this course is to secure an internship for the following semester. Must have Junior standing.

GRAP400 - Field Experience

This course provides the student with professional experience through an individually arranged participation of 12-15 hours per week in a work setting. Primary area of responsibility rests with the student in identifying and pursuing his/her areas of interests, in consultation with his/her team of faculty advisors. Each student is monitored during the field experience and must complete a related written project assigned by his/her team of faculty advisors. Evaluation of the field experience is based on student performance as reviewed with the employer, faculty members, and student at the completion of the experience. Junior or Senior standing. Prerequisite: GRAP399 Internship

GRAP401 - Publication Design

This course involves Graphic Design students in the theoretical and practical processes of successful publication design through research, conceptual explorations, studio practice, and presentations. This course offers experience in the design of traditional and electronic publications in order to prepare students for a career in graphic design. Prerequisite: GRAP302 Typography II.

GRAP403 - Senior Portfolio Development

This course prepares design students for effective and personalized presentation of their design work. Students are encouraged to create an online portfolio and relevant self-promotional materials (business card, designed resume, artist statement). Prerequisite: Senior standing.

GRAP404 - Senior Thesis Assignment

Students engage in an individual research and writing practice that challenges them to analyze and articulate their personal philosophy of design, while studying designers of the Post-Modern era. This capstone course also provides students an opportunity to clarify their professional goals based on their interests in Graphic Design. Prerequisite: Senior standing.

GRAP406 - Senior Practicum Project

The senior practicum provides an opportunity for students in their final semester of the design program to produce a self-directed capstone project that applies the design theory and studio techniques that they have been developing over the last four years. The practicum project is presented in a Senior Show at the end of their final semester. Prerequisite: Senior standing.

MATH107 - College Geometry

This course is an introduction to the essentials of Euclidean geometry. Topics covered include: reasoning in mathematics, the relationship between algebra and geometry, analytic geometry, proofs and constructive triangles, circles, quadrilaterals, polygons, surfaces and solids and historical notes about famous geometricians. Prerequisite: MATH 106 with a grade of C or better or demonstrated competency through placement testing.