Wedeman Art Gallery

The Wedeman Gallery at the Yamawaki Art and Cultural Center is designed to support the educational and extracurricular programs of Lasell College and Lasell Village through artistic and cultural activities designed for all members and friends of the broadest college community. In recent years, the gallery has exhibited work by local and national artists, and hosted student and faculty art shows. The Wedeman Gallery was dedicated in honor of Overseer Harriet “Honey” Markham Wedeman ’48 and the late Duane “Joe” Wedeman in 2002 in recognition of their magnificent generosity to Lasell’s sesquicentennial campaign and their unwavering loyalty to Lasell.

The gallery features two full floors to display personal or group art work, professional lighting, wall hangings, and enough space for guests to enjoy the artwork and exhibition opening receptions.

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Regular gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Wedeman Gallery is located at 47 Myrtle Ave., Newton, MA. For more information or to submit work for exhibition consideration, please contact the gallery director, Vladimir Zimakov at  617-243-2143 or by email at

Past Shows:

Alexander Zvagin

Recollection of Illusion
May 21-27, 2016

Recollection of Illusion, a "pop-up" exhibition of work by Boston artist Alexander Zvagin is on display by appointment only from May 21-27 at the Wedeman Gallery. Zvagin, a Russian-born illustrator and jewelry designer, describes his work as "abstract art depicted around philosophical ideas, surrealistic paintings and interpretive drawings."

Twisted Again: The New Kumihimo

Twisted Again: The New Kumihimo
February 2-20, 2016

Follow the tracks of the ancient caravans and nomadic peoples throughout the world and you will find braids – fiber interlaced on the bias to make strong bands, belts, and cords needed to make everyday life possible. The show features the work of 6 leading contemporary artists: Lyn Christiansen, Jacqui Carey, Makiko Tada, Hiroko Ojima, Helen Vonow and Jennie Parry. The exhibition is curated by Lyn Christiansen. 

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Unframed: Full Tilt Prints

Unframed: Full Tilt Prints
November 17 – December 12, 2015

“Unframed” is a philosophy that removes barriers between the art and the audience. The texture of the paper, the thickness of ink or paint, the sense of the artist’s hand are all seen without a filter of glass, bringing the viewer’s experience to a more intimate level. This group exhibition features artwork by the members of Full Tilt Print Studio, a cooperative in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Boston.;

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Sketches from the South

Sketches from the South by Le Lam
September 15-October 3, 2015

For nearly ten years (1966-1975) Hanoi artist Le Lam risked his life and lived in South Vietnam recording in paint the war which raged all around him. This exhibition contains one hundred of the thousands of striking sketches and paintings he made during those years. The exhibit is curated by David Thomas.

Migrating Colors

Migrating Colors 2015
April 1-18, 2015

An exhibition featuring artwork by 17 Haitian artists from Massachusetts and their peers from Jacmel, a city with a vibrant arts community that was severely affected by the Haiti earthquake in January 2010. Some of the paintings depict the artists' experience of the earthquake and subsequent efforts at regaining a sense of normalcy after the tragedy.

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Paper Cut

Paper Cut - The Collage Show
February 3-21, 2015

A group exhibition featuring mixed media and collage work of contemporary local and national artists.

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Newton Art Association Show
November 18-December 12, 2014

The Wedeman Gallery of Lasell College hosts members of the Newton Art Association in an exhibition featuring artists working in all art media: painting, photography, fibers, and sculpture.

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Larger Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Larger Than the Sum of Its Parts
September 9-October 4, 2014

Ten women artists with individual practices have met monthly for over six years to craft their careers as thoughtfully as they create their art. Larger Than the Sum of Its Parts features painting, sculpture and installation in celebration of the power of their group experience.

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Creative Showcase

Creative Showcase 2014
October 18-November 8, 2014

The annual Creative Showcase features artwork and creative endeavors of Lasell College faculty and staff. Work includes paintings, drawings, photography, fashion items and faculty publications.

Among the many featured artists were: Deborah Baldizar, Jill Carey, Maritza Farrell, Margo Lemieux, Anne Vallely, and Vladimir Zimakov.


Deborah Baldizar's "Night Swimming"
March 23-April 15, 2014

Challenging the fragility of paper, Deborah Baldizar's cast paper figures range in size from miniature to larger than life. The exhibit features figures that stare out at the viewer in sitting, standing and leaning poses, "caught in the moment between the known and the unknown, what was and what will be," according to Balidizar, who is an adjunct Professor of Art at Lasell.


Creative Paths
January 21-February 21, 2014

An exhibition of work by former assistants and interns from Muskat Studios, a professional print studio celebrating its 20th anniversary. Over a 20 year period, Muskat Studios has worked with more then 50 assistants, many of them as interns from fine art programs at various colleges. All of them have gone on to a range of careers. Many of them are still working creatively in one way or another. This exhibition highlights some of the paths that they have taken.

Read more about the exhibit here.


David Bondar's, “For the Birds”
December 5-20, 2013

My work is dominated by self-portraiture. I work from the mirror and occasional photo but lately I have been creating my likeness through memory.

Symbols dictate the work and help me organize my subject matter that includes dreams, family, relationships and death. Birds have repeatedly appeared after a loved one's passing or some memorable event. Doors, windows and interiors coincide with work based on family experiences and relationships. Flowers play a role as well and symbolize the fragility of my world. I sometimes travel into dark places when creating this work. But, this is countered by many wonderful lapses of levity.

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Hans Guggenheim's, “Sketchlogy”
November 12-29, 2013

Hans Guggenheim is a renowned artist, illustrator, anthropologist and scholar. A few highlights of Hans' career include traveling the world for LIFE magazine as an artist-reporter in 1956 and founding Project Guggenheim, a foundation that helps to establish art programs for young people around the world. The exhibition, entitled Sketchology include the artist's recent drawings from the series "Newtown Massacre," "Mythic Monsters" and "Coconuts."

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Creative Showcase 2013
October 6 - November 10, 2013

Lasell's annual Creative Showcase featured artwork and creative endeavors of  faculty and staff. A total of 27 people participated in the exhibition. The work included paintings, drawings, photography, fashion items and faculty publications.