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Out of the Blue

October 08, 2021

Out of the Blue exhibit at the Wedeman Art Gallery at Lasell UniversityThe Wedeman Gallery at Lasell University opened for the first time this year with a new exhibition, “Out of the Blue,” a collection of works from artists’ collaborative Collective Marks.

“Out of the Blue” was conceptualized based on its namesake idiom. Each work in the exhibition is an interpretation of the phrase; some associated their work with nature, while others based theirs on the idea of chance encounters or unexpected happenings.

“Several artists investigated flora and fauna and selected titles such as Blue Bird – Blue Bird, Sheepish Blues, and In a Blue Space,” said the statement from Collective Marks. Others explored deep space, abstraction, and blues music.

Participating artists from Collective Marks include Lisa Granata, adjunct professor of studio art at Lasell, as well as Susan Clarke, Joan Croce, Connie Grab, Celeste Houle, Carolyn Letvin, George Lowell, Tracey Maroni, Ray Scanlon (in memoriam), Jean Thompson, Andi Warner, and Mary Wojciechowski. The group formed in 2014 and includes digital artists, photographers, painters, printmakers, mixed media artists, and sculptors.