Brand & Identity Center

In Pursuit Of Great

I can. I will. And at Lasell, I already am.

Because this is where I can chase down the new:
The new things, ideas, and places that drive me to go even further.

Where my voice is heard. My thinking is challenged.
And my success is supported at every step.

I try, always. I struggle, sometimes. I quit, never.

I try again. I try harder. I try better.

And I achieve. I flourish. I triumph. I am ignorant of defeat.

Equipped with confidence, I know I can.
Guided by experience, I believe I will.

I am in pursuit of great.

In Pursuit of Great and the Concept Statement above capture the essence of Lasell's Brand Identity and voice.

Why a New Brand Identity?
To raise awareness of Lasell College and to ensure that our reputation reflects the current state of the institution. This initiative not only produced a relevant and compelling expression, but also is meant to inspire internal and external audiences.

Discovery or How we did it?
We talked to college administration, faculty and staff, traditional undergraduates, graduate students, alumni, conducting more than 100 interviews. We heard: What makes Lasell unique; How the College is described to others; What current perceptions are; What is valued about a small college.

Several Main Themes Emerged
With Change Comes Opportunity: Over the last 20 years, Lasell has experienced a dramatic growth. The teaching philosophy has been redefined, academic offerings have expanded, facilities have been added and refurbished, enrollment has increased, and the student body has become more diverse. These developments have brought success, but internally, the institution's message has become fragmented.

Student Focused: There's an undeniable spirit that burns bright at Lasell. The faculty and administration are passionate about giving students individualized attention, where nobody falls off the radar. This commitment is at the core of the college's values.

Connected to Everything: Campus-wide, connected learning is a part of the conversation, with applications for every piece of the experience.

Try, and Try Again: Taking a chance requires both faith and confidence, along with a freedom to try new things without fear of failure. This is a vibrant advantage at Lasell, where both faculty and students are told, "Yes, pursue your ideas." In this community, people believe in one another and encourage that leap into the unknown.

How is this expressed?
The path to great is different for every professor, alum, student, and staff member. But when we communicate each journey consistently and thoughtfully, Lasell's brand becomes greater than the sum of its parts.