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B.S. in Human Resource Management

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Human Resources Management at Lasell

The B.S. in Human Resources Management degree program provides students with the foundational knowledge to pursue a career in human resources. Built on a traditional business education, students take core business classes as well as human resource management specific courses.

The Human Resource Management major provides students with training and experience in coordinating the administrative functions of an organization, hiring and training employees, handling inter-company disputes, working with HR software, and other skills that will be important to their future job.

Program Features

The program features many extracurricular opportunities to give students leadership/team experience and portfolio material

  • In a senior year capstone course, students gain hands-on experience in the type of work they will perform in a professional setting internship, allowing them to hone their skills and create a portfolio that can be shared with potential employers.
  • Longe School of Business students gain networking and job opportunities through the Advisory Board that helps ensure that our curriculum aligns with the in-demand skills employers are looking for to meet industry needs and trends.

What You'll Learn

From your first day, you’ll take courses in your major and advance towards graduation with a yearly plan. Not sure what classes to take? We’ll help you create the perfect plan. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to demonstrate knowledge in the area of service quality and event operations strategies within Human Resources.
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive level of knowledge in all sectors of the events industry including management & leadership.
  • Learn skills such as leadership and team building, and acquire understanding of individual and group behavior in organizations to enhance their effectiveness as leaders in the Human Resources field.
  • Gain strong competence in critical thinking and hands on business experience.

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Career Success in the Human Resource Management Industry

Students pursue careers in human resources, management, and training.









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BUSS101 - Fund of Bus in a Global Environment

This course is designed to familiarize students with various aspects of the business world. Areas covered include: private enterprise; forms of ownership; legal aspects; management practices in a diverse and global business environment; marketing; human resources; global operations management; labor relations; and finance. In addition, students become aware of how business functions are integrated into an organization to achieve specific goals both locally and internationally.

BUSS224 - Org Behavior in the Global Workplace

In this course, students study individuals and their interactions within group settings as they affect efficiencies in diverse business organizations. Group dynamics and intergroup dynamics are emphasized in relation to productivity and work satisfaction along with the examination of specific aspects of organizations that influence behavior on a global scale. Areas covered include structure, leadership, and change as they affect a multitude of cultures. Teaching modalities include case studies and role-playing. This is a writing intensive course.

BUSS332 - Cross Cultural Management

In this course, students will explore the process of cross-cultural management and the challenges of working internationally. The course focuses on international organizational behavior, human resource issues and practices in global organizations. The course is divided into three parts: The first focuses on understanding the cultural roots of behavior in organizations; the second on the Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management issues that are relevant to international managers; and the third seeks to prepare students for international assignments. Prerequisite: BUSS224

BUSS336 - Human Resource Management

In this course, students will examine the staffing function of management including planning, recruitment, selection, training, motivation, appraisal, compensation, labor laws, and organizational development. The course also addresses current issues affecting the human resource manager, including the changing work force and need to increase productivity, as well as changes in the area of unions and affirmative action. Both class discussions and case studies are used to prepare students for the personnel and related tasks involved in a management position. Prerequisite: BUSS224

BUSS342 - Total Compensation Management

A study of the total compensation management function in business, as evidenced through the human resource framework. Major areas of activity will include job analysis, job evaluation, establishing pay structures, and benefits.

BUSS343 - Human Resource Risk Management

A study of the total compensation management function in business, as evidenced through the human resource framework. Major areas of activity will include job analysis, job evaluation, establishing pay structures, and benefits.

BUSS344 - Training and Development

An advanced course designed to develop knowledge and skill in the design, development, delivery and evaluation of organizational and job-related training and performance improvement programs.

BUSS345 - Employment & Labor Law

This course is an overview of various laws and regulations that determine the rights and obligations of employees and employers. Topics covered include the nature of the employment relationship and common law principles, prohibitions against discrimination on the basis of certain protected characteristics such as race and gender, wage and hour law, the Family Medical Leave Act, the National Labor Relations Act, and other similar areas of labor and employment law. The primary focus is on federal laws governing the employment relationship, but there will also be discussion of state and local laws.