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Entrepreneurship Major

Entrepreneurship Major at Lasell

The B.S. in Entrepreneurship major provides students with the skills to start and operate their own businesses, work for growth-oriented and innovative firms, work in family businesses, and bring entrepreneurial perspectives to their chosen fields.

  • Entrepreneurship is one of the fastest-growing areas of study nationwide. This major provides students with the knowledge and skills to start and operate their own businesses, work for growth-oriented and innovative firms, work in family businesses, and bring entrepreneurial perspectives to their chosen fields.

  • Entrepreneurship majors learn a broad range of transferable skills and gain strong competence in critical thinking, strategic management, and hands-on business experience.

Program Features

  • Students in the Entrepreneurship major participate in a minimum of one internship as well as Service Learning

  • Students will graduate with a comprehensive level of knowledge in technology, economy, and in business management. They will also have access to School of Business Day speakers, Shark Tank competitions, and management opportunities across Schools at Lasell.

What You'll Learn

From your first day, you’ll take courses in your major and advance towards graduation with a yearly plan. Not sure what classes to take? We’ll help you create the perfect plan. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive level of knowledge in the area of organizational behavior and human resource management.
  • Have the ability to identify ethical issues implicit in business and how best to evaluate and decide among alternative solutions to ethical problems.
  • Learn how to apply quantitative research methods to various challenges faced by business organizations and integrate business information into effective decision making.

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Career Success in Entrepreneurship

Students are prepared to be start their own businesses, become managers and business leaders in a complex and challenging global business environment. 

Our students have interned with:

  • Live Nation
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • PUMA
  • Toyota Motor Corporation
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Wells Fargo

Our alumni have gone on to work:

  • Start their own businesses
  • Carry on a family business
  • Help a start-up company get their business off the ground
  • Run non-profits
  • Work in Marketing/Management Development



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My academic program combined entrepreneurship and fashion allowing me to pursue two of my career interests.

Sandra Fahik '24

Entrepreneurship; Fashion Merchandising and Management minor

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Sandra Fakih

BUSS101 - Fund of Bus in a Global Environment

This course is designed to familiarize students with various aspects of the business world. Areas covered include: private enterprise; forms of ownership; legal aspects; management practices in a diverse and global business environment; marketing; human resources; global operations management; labor relations; and finance. In addition, students become aware of how business functions are integrated into an organization to achieve specific goals both locally and internationally.

BUSS203 - Financial Management

This course provides an introduction to the fundamental concepts of finance. Various techniques of analysis that reveal the relationships of risk, return, and value are demonstrated. Topics include: financial reporting; long- and short-term forecasting; managing working capital; capital budgeting; and the nature of corporate securities and debt-equity mix. Prerequisites: BUSS 202 with a grade C or better & ECON 102.

BUSS224 - Org Behavior in the Global Workplace

In this course, students study individuals and their interactions within group settings as they affect efficiencies in diverse business organizations. Group dynamics and intergroup dynamics are emphasized in relation to productivity and work satisfaction along with the examination of specific aspects of organizations that influence behavior on a global scale. Areas covered include structure, leadership, and change as they affect a multitude of cultures. Teaching modalities include case studies and role-playing. This is a writing intensive course.

BUSS231 - Entrepreneurship & Venture Creation

Entrepreneurship drives global innovation and economic growth. This course exposes business students to the study of entrepreneurship and the venture-creation process. Topics include analyzing new business opportunities, developing business propositions, new venture planning and financing, marketing activities, financial controls, and other topics relevant to the entrepreneurial process. Students interact with faculty, local entrepreneurs, and small business owners/managers. As a culmination activity of this course, students are responsible for the development and presentation of a business plan. Prerequisite: BUSS101, HEM101, HEM102, FASH101 or SMGT102.

BUSS329 - New Product Development

New products and services are crucial to successful growth and increased profits in many industries. A major goal of this course is to help students learn to use an analytic decision-making approach in developing and marketing new products and services that meet customer needs in the consumer, industrial, and service settings. At the end of the course, the student should understand the role of decision models in analytic marketing decision-making; be able to follow the basic steps in opportunity identification, design, testing, and implementation; and know how to read and interpret new product and service market research. Prerequisite: BUSS220

BUSS337 - Managing the Growing Company

This course focuses on the challenges and opportunities of managing a growing entrepreneurial venture. Using practical management techniques, students address the management of rapidly growing entrepreneurial firms. Through a variety of learning activities, including case studies, reading, and visiting entrepreneurs, students examine companies, often family-run, during dynamic transition. The course specifically addresses the challenges faced by companies in various stages of growth and the exceptional challenges of rapid growth. Prerequisites: BUSS 226 & BUSS 231.

BUSS425 - Special Topics in Entrepreneurship

This seminar offers an in-depth exploration of advanced entrepreneurship topics of current interest and importance. Using case studies and actual entrepreneurial ventures, students explore entrepreneurship with a focus on leadership, marketing, development, management, and growth of new business ventures. Students learn the practical skills needed to succeed as an entrepreneur and how to apply best practices for planning, initiating, and growing new companies. The course also emphasizes the analysis and evaluation of actual entrepreneurial ventures. Subjects vary from semester to semester. Prerequisites: BUSS 337

ECON102 - Principles of Econ-Macro

This course explores basic functions of the United States economy viewed as a whole and policies designed to affect its performance. Topics include economic scarcity; causes of unemployment and inflation; money and monetary policy; the impact of government taxation and spending; and the federal debt. Some consideration is given to international economic problems and to contrasting economic systems. Prerequisite: ECON 101.