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School of Business

Dina Tanvuia, M.S.

Dina Tanvuia

Office: DeArment

Tel: 617-243-2028



  • M.S. in Hotel Administration from University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2004
  • B.A. in Business Administration from Paris XII Val-de-Marne University, France, 2000
  • B.A. in Marketing and Commerce from Dunarea de Jos University, Romania

Courses Taught:

  • HEM101 Hospitality Management 
  • HEM102 Fundamentals of Special Events
  • HEM199 Field Exp Prep & Prof Development in HEM
  • HEM207 Resort & Casino Management
  • HEM208 Human Resources in Hospitality
  • HEM209 Exploration of the Las Vegas Casino Industry
  • HEM 213 Global Issues in Hospitality
  • HEM299 Field Experience 
  • HEM302 Casino Regulation & Security
  • HEM305 Resort Management & Development 
  • HEM307 Technology in Casino Operations
  • HEM403 Food & Beverage Management
  • HEM402 Advanced Resort & Casino Management
  • HEM499 Internship
  • FYS 103 The World of Resorts
  • SVL203 Service-Learning in Ecuador
  • MGMT750.A-2018.SPSES1 Leadership & Operations in Resort and Casino Industry


Professor Tanvuia’s teaching philosophy focuses on stimulating students to develop critical thinking skills and on exposing them to different aspects of the industry. She is the advisor for the NACE student Chapter (National Association for Catering and Events) and every month she takes the students to networking and educational events to meet with hospitality professionals.

Professor Tanvuia is also the Director of the Hospitality Program at Lasell. In this role, she coordinated a mentorship program that matches students with professionals from different areas of the hospitality industry in Boston. She also initiated several programs to start collaboration with universities in France.

What is your teaching philosophy for Lasell courses?
I want my classes to be as close as possible to the real working environment. So, when I don't take my students out to face the industry, I try to bring the industry to the classroom through guest lectures, case studies, role play, etc. I treat the students as if they were hospitality executives and through my teaching, I empower them to make decisions that will be aligned with their future executive roles. Sometimes I refer to my classes as 'decision labs' because students can 'experiment' their decisions, knowing that this is one of the few places where they are allowed to make mistakes.