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Esports and Gaming Management

Esports and Gaming Management

The B.S. in Esports and Gaming Management program degree prepares students for careers in Esports distribution, sales, and marketing, and more.

Between 2018 and 2019, the number of jobs in esports nearly doubled - growing a staggering 185%. The explosive growth in Esports - and the growth within the games industry which it has fueled - has created a demand for business professionals with a solid understanding of the nuances of the industry.

The Esports and Gaming Management major allows students to develop skills and expertise not only in the functional business areas, but in the specialty areas unique to Esports and Gaming Management. Graduates will be strategically positioned for careers as Esports management professionals.

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Program Features

The Esports and Gaming Management degree program features many extracurricular opportunities to give students leadership/team experience and portfolio material. 

  • Focusing on the games industry, students will learn about distribution strategies and channels by which a game can be distributed.

  • Students will take a deep dive into how the the Internet affects the buying and selling of goods and services in the marketplace - including mobile business models, electronic commerce infrastructure issues and the legal and ethical challenges of electronic commerce.

  • Longe School of Business students gain networking and job opportunities through the Advisory Board that helps ensure that our curriculum aligns with the in-demand skills employers are looking for to meet industry needs and trends.

What You'll Learn

From your first day, you’ll take courses in your major and advance towards graduation with a yearly plan. Not sure what classes to take? We’ll help you create the perfect plan. 



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Learning Outcomes

  • Develop knowledge of the processes by which games are made.
  • Gain an understanding of the go-to-market strategies typical of the industry.
  • Understand the various elements that come together for a successful esports event or league.
  • Learn skills such as leadership and team building, and acquire an understanding of individual and group behavior in organizations to enhance effectiveness as business leaders.
  • Gain strong competence in critical thinking and hands on business experience

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Career Success in Esports and Gaming Management

Students are prepared for careers such as Esports distributor, Esports research, Esports sales and marketing, and more. 



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BUSS101 - Fund of Bus in a Global Environment

This course is designed to familiarize students with various aspects of the business world. Areas covered include: private enterprise; forms of ownership; legal aspects; management practices in a diverse and global business environment; marketing; human resources; global operations management; labor relations; and finance. In addition, students become aware of how business functions are integrated into an organization to achieve specific goals both locally and internationally.

BUSS215 - Introduction to Esports Management

Intro to Esports Management starts with an introduction to the history of competitive gaming and continues with an exploration of its emerging ecosystem. Students will learn the complexities involved in understanding the dynamics of the esports industry and all of its stakeholders from gamers to billion-dollar media companies. We will dive into each element of this value chain and provide you with insight on the inter-operations of all companies included in the landscape of esports. Students will learn to navigate the structure of esports leagues, teams, players, gaming publishers, tournament operators, media and affiliate organizations. Relevant projects, market analysis and critical thinking will be utilized to understand management approaches that have succeeded and failed with recent esports ventures. Students will also learn baseline skills in esports streaming, broadcasting, marketing, public relations and written communication

BUSS240 - PMM I Intro to Project Management

According to a recent study of Human Resource Managers, effective project management is one of the most coveted skills for new hires in the modern economy. This course will introduce you to the power of effective project management through two primary frameworks: waterfall and agile. You will also learn vital project-management concepts that can be applied to a wide range of industries and occupations. This online class has optional live sessions.

BUSS318 - Convention, Event & Trade Show Planning

One of the major ways in which games are marketed to consumers is the convention. Shows like the Tokyo Game Show, PAX and E3 attract audiences ranging from 60,000 -300,000 and serve as one of the best opportunities for game studios to generate excitement and favorable word-of-mouth for upcoming projects. Successfully executing a company presence at one of these shows requires a working understanding of budgeting, goal-setting, demo creation, logistics, staffing, merchandising, and ROI evaluation, all topics covered in this course.This course is required for the Rize Business Management in Esports & Gaming degree program. It is also recommended for Game Development and Design majors who wish to pursue a production role in the industry.

BUSS319 - Cost Accounting

This course focuses on a typical firm’s cost data and how that data can be transformed into information for business analysis and decision making. Topics include how to identify fixed versus variable cost, cost volume profit analysis, flexible budgeting, Activity Based Costing, and standard cost systems with detail variance analysis. Process and job order costing systems are examined in terms of how these systems are used to accumulate cost to determine accurate product or service costs and why this is necessary in setting product/service selling prices to maximize profits. Other topics include the numerous cost allocation processes that take place in the typical manufacturing and service industries, and transfer pricing within companies that are doing business internationally. Prerequisite: BUSS202 with a grade of C or better.

BUSS328 - Entertainment Marketing

This course will provide students with a framework for understanding the dynamics of several major sectors within the entertainment industry. Students will compare and contrast successful entertainment marketing strategies with traditional product-based companies. Entertainment Marketing surveys the strategy, techniques and communication media employed to market the range of entertainment available to the American audience. The course examines the organizations and people who conceive, create and distribute video, film, print, interactive and new technology within the framework of the entertainment promotion landscape. The course demonstrates how advertising, publicity, promotion, research and overall marketing campaigns are created and the impact on the creative and business operations of entertainment companies.The objective of this course is to give students an understanding of the marketing issues faced by entertainment companies, highlighting the experiential nature of the products and the fast-pace of change within the industry. Prerequisite: COM216 or COM302

BUSS351 - Distribution of Games

The role of a publisher in the games industry is to ensure that a game can get in front of its audience successfully. To do that, a publisher must consider a variety of distribution strategies and channels. This course explains the role of a publisher in game distribution and details the various channels by which a game can be distributed. This course is required for students majoring in Business Management in Esports & Gaming and is recommended as an elective for Supply Chain Management and Marketing students who meet the necessary prerequisites.

COM246 - Introduction to Game Design

Everything in Game Development starts with the fundamentals of design. This course is intended as an introduction to the fundamental principles of game creation, game design and narrative design. Students will gain an overview of the game creation process, learn how to analyze games and game elements, and gain practical experience in the first steps of game creation - proposals, storyboards and paper prototypes.This course is created in accordance with the Unity Curriculum Framework and the IGDA 2020 education guidelines. This course requires no prior knowledge of game design or programming.

COM307 - Understanding Video Games

Understanding Video Games introduces students to the foundation, process, and impact of the video game industry.  Students evolve from merely riding the gaming highway to analyzing and deconstructing it.  The course pays particular attention to the history and breakthroughs in the technology, social and political impacts such as the ESRB, sex and violence in games, as well as past, present and future trends of the gaming market.