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Caroline St. Croix '23 G'24

Minor: Business

Female student outside wearing her commencement gown

Caroline will receive her MBA from Lasell in 2024.

What was the "thing" that made you know Lasell was right for you?
I knew Lasell was right for me when I received my financial package. I was looking at other colleges close to cities that had fashion programs, and Lasell was significantly more affordable compared to the other schools.

What clubs, athletics, organizations have you been involved in at Lasell?
I played Women's soccer while at Lasell.

Have you done any internships?
As an undergraduate, I did an internship at Lit Boutique in Boston. During this internship, I uploaded new inventory and merchandise onto the store website using Shopify. I also assisted with photo shoots and online content to create a strong online community. Currently, I am a graduate assistant in Lasell’s Marketing and Communications department. I am getting first-hand experience working with social media content and communication channels used by the University.

How has your academic program provided you with opportunities for growth?
I had an interactive classroom experience and applied what I learned from the classroom to the fashion industry and real-world environments.

Lasell has smaller class sizes which allows your professors to learn and understand their students on a personal level. The professors I had went above and beyond. They were accommodating and willing to help and meet with me outside the classroom. They were also supportive of my success for both my career and personal growth.

Please describe how the academic program you chose at Lasell is positively influencing your career/life:
The academic program I chose at Lasell has opened so many doors and opportunities for me.

During my senior semester, one of my professors introduced the Double Laser Program to me, as she knew I had intentions of coming back for a fifth year. I was able to 2 get two degrees within a year and a year apart, and save a significant amount of money. I have been able to work full time while completing my MBA and recently just received a graduate assistant role at Lasell where I am working in the Marketing and Communication department. I will take all the skills and knowledge I have learned from the programs at Lasell and continue to apply them to my future career opportunities.

What is one experience you’ve had within the classroom that you were instantly able to apply to your life/career/internships?
I'm fortunate because I have been able to experience Lasell in both undergrad and graduate levels.

For undergrad, I took Journalism with Marie Franklin, a former professor at Lasell who used to work at The Boston Globe. The classwork and news coverage we worked on prepares students for the fast-changing industry of journalism. I learned how to report and produce a variety of news pieces for different multimedia platforms. I gained confidence in my writing, and continue to use different media outlets to access news and information so I can stay well informed.

In grad school, one class that I have applied to my career and personal life is ethical theory and management. That class gave me skills to handle different sources of ethical conflict and how to manage them in a managerial position or a workplace. A strong set of ethics in a business setting is important in retaining a cooperative and cohesive business staff along with attracting new customers.