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Sport Management Major

Sport Management

Sport Management at Lasell

The B.S. in Sport Management major is designed to prepare students to become professionals in the vast and dynamic sport management industry. Students pursue careers as athletic directors, sports agents, sports analysts, and more.

The intent of the program is to examine the disciplinary foundations of sport management within organizations and to provide opportunities for acquisition, application, and demonstration of skills in sport organizations.

Program Features

The program features many extracurricular opportunities to give students leadership/team experience and portfolio material. These experiences include:

  • From their first semester at Lasell, students take courses specifically designed for the sports industry to prepare themselves to not only get jobs in the industry, but succeed in them.

  • Students meet industry insiders and intern with sports teams to get hands-on experiences and build their resumes.

  • Longe School of Business students gain networking and job opportunities through the Advisory Board that helps ensure that our curriculum aligns with the in-demand skills employers are looking for to meet industry needs and trends.

What You'll Learn

From your first day, you’ll take courses in your major and advance towards graduation with a yearly plan. Not sure what classes to take? We’ll help you create the perfect plan. 


Woman on sports field. She is working on computer and large camera is directed towards here.

> Alexis Sweeting '10 G'14 - From Fan to Field Producer

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop qualitative and quantitative thinking skills and be able to analyze and solve problems using these models in an ethical way.
  • Be competent and demonstrate an increased awareness of the impact of technology on the sports industry.
  • Be competent and demonstrate the ability to conduct and evaluate research related to the sports industry.
  • Be able to critically self-evaluate the progression of their professional and personal growth with the use of technology as a tool for enhanced performance as a Sport Manager.

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Career Success in the Sport Management Industry

Students pursue careers as athletic directors, sports agents, recreation department staff, and sports analysts.

Our students have interned with:

  • Boston Celtics
  • Boston Bruins
  • ESPN Radio
  • 98.5 The Sports Hub

Our alumni work for:

  • Sports Agent
  • Health Club Manager
  • Athletic Director
  • Physical Education Instructor




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SMGT102 - Contemporary Sport Management

This course provides an overview of general principles and practices of the sport industry, covering all facets of sport management, including leadership, sociology, marketing, legal aspects, finance, and governance, in both professional and amateur sports setting. Students learn and understand those unique aspects of sport management that distinguish it from other management fields. Students gain an increased awareness of various career opportunities in the sport industry.

SMGT206 - Sports Administration

This course studies the basic concepts, theories and organizations of administration as applied to sport. Areas covered include budgeting, human resources management, facilities, and legal issues.Prerequisite: SMGT102

SMGT211 - Sport & Society

This course is organized around the theme “Sport in Society.” The purpose of this course is to invoke a sociological perspective in understanding sport as a societal institution. We will examine socialization themes as well as the increasing organization, commercialization, and globalization of sports.

SMGT215 - Pre-Practicum

This course is designed for students to complete 60 hours of supervised fieldwork with the Lasell University athletic department or at an approved off-campus site. Prerequisites: SMGT102 and approval of Instructor.

SMGT301 - Sport Facility & Event Management

This course explores the roles and functions of facility and events managers. It examines a variety of public assembly and privately managed sport facilities; the steps and skills required to effectively plan, organize, lead, and evaluate an event, and facilities to meet the needs of sports organizations. The course also examines resource allocation, strategic planning, and risk management and facility maintenance requirements. Prerequisites: SMGT 102 and a 200 level Sport Management course or HEM 301.

SMGT302 - Sport Marketing

This course explores sport as a product, its consumer markets, and sports products markets. It examines the processes of sport marketing, research, information management, identification of target markets, and the development of a sport marketing mix and strategies. Prerequisites: SMGT 102, BUSS 220.

SMGT303 - Sport Finance

This course is a study of the financial challenges faced by sport administrators and those working within the sports industry. Topics include economic impact analysis, ticket operations, concessions, public-private partnerships, sport sponsorships, and fundraising. Prerequisites: SMGT 102 & ECON101 or ECON102

SMGT304 - Sports Information & Communication

This course examines the fundamentals in sport information, publicity, and promotions. Preparation of news releases, local features, publications of programs and brochures, statistical breakdowns, dealing with the press, and the promotion of specific events, teams, and individuals are included. Prerequisite: ENG 102 & SMGT102

SMGT306 - Sport Leadership

This course teaches concepts, principles, and skills of leadership for managers in the sports industry. Styles of successful sport coaches and managers are examined and analyzed in the context of their times and their settings. Prerequisite: SMGT102 & SMGT206 or Permission of instructor

SMGT396 - Research in Sport Industry

Using Research in the Sport Industry is designed for students to gain an understanding of the principles, procedures, processes, and types of writing and reports used to answer problems in the Sport Industry. Students will learn to identify, describe, analyze, and report on an issue or problem at their own workplace by drawing on the relevant sport and related literature. Prerequisite: SMGT102, SMGT206 and Junior/Senior standing.

SMGT412 - Sport Analytics

Analytical techniques and quantitative methods are on the rise in many areas of business. They have increasingly made their way into the sports realm. Skills such as critical thinking, mathematical modeling, statistical analysis using Microsoft excel, predictive analytics and optimization are crucial in the data-centric realm. The class seeks to develop and refine these skills in the business application area of sports. Prerequisites: SMGT102 and MATH208.