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Press and Media

Article: "Fashion and Prejudice." February 21, 2017.

Interview: Chronical Channel 5. February 16, 2017.

Article: Jill Carey. "First Ladies' Style." February 6, 2017.

Article: Brittany Lauro. "Fashion and Satire." January 25, 2017.

Press Release: January 25, 2017.

Article: Ryan Belmore. "New Rosecliff Exhibition Displays Fashion and Satire of the Gilded Age." January 25, 2017.

TV Segment: Mary Karalis. "Wrapping up a Week of Christmas at the Mansions." by Mary Karalis. December 9, 2016.

Thesis Development: Bethan Bide, PhD candidate from Royal Holloway, University of London and the Museum of London, studies the CC41 Collection for her thesis about 1940s fashion and the notion of austerity in Britain on ready-to-wear garments. May 26, 2016.

Article: Stephani L. Miller. "Examine Museum Fashions Online, Courtesy of Lasell College." October 19, 2015.

Article: Improper Bostonian. "Coverage for the launch of the Lasell Catalogue of Artistry in Fashion." October 1, 2015.

Press: Boston Fashion Week Dailies: Online Platform for Events held during Fashion  Week "THE ART & CRAFT of FASHION." October 1, 2015. 

Article: Jill Radsken. The Boston Globe. "Ralph Lauren and the Aspirational Lifestyle." October 4, 2015.

Interview: Yollando Cellucci. Style & Glamour, Waltham Public Television, Waltham, MA. "The Stylish Nurse, Nursing Uniforms through the Ages" July 2, 2014.   

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