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Ackermann's Repository of Arts Fashion Plates

This collection of 71 fashion plates, which are hand-colored aquatint prints, were removed from original copies of The Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashions, and Politics, a monthly periodical published from 1809 to 1829 in London, England. It covered a wide range of subject matter and had great influence over English fashion, literature, and architecture of its time. The Repository's publisher, Rudolph Ackermann, was originally a saddle-maker turned bookseller and businessman. He became known for his hand-colored illustrations of women's fashions, as well as fashionable furniture, and by the end of its run, Ackermann had published almost 1,500 plates inThe Repository. Along with their period descriptions, the plates in the LFC are a valuable resource for Lasell's students and faculty, or anyone researching early 19th century fashion and culture.

Explore all of the LFC's Ackermann fashion plates here!

Ackermann Fashion Plates