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Two Centuries of French Fashion, An Ephemeral Exhibit

September 26, 2019
French Cultural Center, Boston, MA
This collaboration is partially supported by a Lasell University Packard Grant.

Two Centuries of French Fashion

The Fashion Collection team at Lasell University have curated an intimate fashion retrospective spanning two centuries and multiple designers. On display were 17 pieces from the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Jeanne Lanvin, and Comme des Garçons, among others. These select pieces, including an original 1880 Parisian opera costume, faced each other in an exhibition telling the story of their eras through design elements and the techniques used in their creation.

Jill M. Carey, Professor and Curator at Lasell University, Stephanie Hebert, Collections Manager, and their team of passionate students were available to guide guests in this journey enriched by interactive components.

This event marked the launching of the website and digital catalog of the University's own permanent fashion collection to the Boston community.

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Marie Muelle Pauline Trigere Erte
Jacques Tiffeau A. Lopez, J. Ganne Nicole de Paris, Inc.
Comme des Garcons Lilly Dache 2003.123.4-A-B
Louis Feraud Karl Lagerfeld Jeanne Lanvin
Purse Mousti Andre Perugia
Shoe Andre Perugia Rudolph Ackermann
Red Dress

Production Team:

  • Jill Carey, Professor and Curator of The Lasell Fashion Collection
  • Stephanie Hebert, Collections Manager
  • Fashion Merchandising and Management Deanna Plaisted '21 and Kendra Sperry '20
  • Fashion Design and Production Sarah Reese '20 and Elizabeth Witherell '20
  • Fashion Merchandising and Management Matthew Searth '21, Lasell Fashion Collection Photographer
  • French Cultural Center staff

Student Impact:

Deanna Plaisted, Fashion Merchandising and Management '21 "The Fashion Collection Research and Management Course brought me the experience of assisting to run and manage a Boston Fashion Week event. I had the great experience of using my knowledge and passion in life to create a full blown professional project which is of the likes I've never participated in before. The real world experience helped me to realize just how putting in the effort and thought can create something magical and respectable. And I can truly envision how I want my career to begin now. I really relish the experience I gained and I am so glad I had this opportunity."  

Sarah Reese, Fashion Design and Production '20 "It was incredible to be able to experience what went into creating an exhibition in a short amount of time. I realized that it takes hard work, dedication, and a passion for wearable objects. I found it mesmerizing to see designs that spanned two centuries, while learning about each French designer and their unique style. The team worked hard from prepping objects, setting up the exhibition, and taking it down. It was such a unique experience to see our work come to fruition during Boston Fashion Week."

Kendra Sperry, Fashion Merchandising and Management '20 "In my dual role with the Fashion Collection Research and Management team as well as being a Lasell Fashion Collection intern, I contributed broadly toward our Boston Fashion Week pop-up at the French Cultural Center. Having the opportunity to work hands-on dressing mannequins and positioning accessories, as well as researching the historic significance of artifacts brought our work to life. Not only did we learn the logistics of what it takes to put on an event with historical fashion, but we also incorporated techniques to properly showcase both accessories and clothing in a visually cohesive manner."

Elizabeth Witherell, Fashion Design and Production '20