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War and Dress

War and Dress
Donahue Center for Creative and Applied Arts at Lasell College
April 2012-August 2012

War and Dress

This exhibit juxtaposes World War II fashion rationing between Britain and the United States and explores the artistry of fine craft during a period of austerity.  Restrictions regarding the production of garments and accessories were considered supportive of the war effort, and one could use clothing to show devoted patriotism. The CC41 regulation in Britain restricted the quantity and quality of materials and fabrics, while the L-85 and L-217 restricted clothing and accessories in America.

Exhibit Research and Installation by:
Rhonda Jaber and Bryana Prout
Fashion Retail and Merchandising 2012

Student Mentor:
Jill Carey
The Joan Weiler Arnow '49 Professor
Curator of the Lasell Fashion Collection