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Simple Questions

Three Simple Questions about Community: 2022-2023

The Oxford American Dictionary defines community as: "1. a body of people living in one place... 2. a group with common interests... 3. fellowship, being alike in some way."

The Symposium Team thinks the community defines itself. 

We want to hear from you!  Please answer the "Three Simple Questions" about community.

  • What does "community" mean to you?  
  • How do you support your communities? 
  • How do your communities support you and/or help you grow?

All contributions are anonymous.  Answer 1 or 3 questions.


Three Simple Questions: 2021-2022

We asked the entire Lasell community answered three simple questions.  "Thank you" to everyone who responded; it was an overwhelming success! Take a look at the thoughtful responses.


If you could give one piece of advice to your 19-year-old self about managing careers and passions, what would it be? 



How would you define a “successful” life, and how has that definition changed over time? 



What is the key to a successful life?