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Connected Learning Symposium

Connected Learning Symposium

Lasell University's Connected Learning Symposium is a campus-wide event showcasing the academic creativity of our students.  Launched in the Spring of 2002, we are proud to see the rise of new knowledge generated by our students. As our students develop and grow, so does each symposium.

We are excited to announce the theme for the Spring 2021 Virtual Connected Learning Symposium: 

“The Invention of Now”

The Invention of Now is a theme that captures the monumental year that has just past, celebrates the current moment we are in, and looks optimistically toward the future.  While “invention” is typically connected with scientific fields, this year’s theme emphasizes the fact that all academic work is quintessentially about creation.  At Lasell and at Symposium, we hold scholarly work in tandem with the personal evolution students undergo during this phase of life.

As always, we are looking forward to the Symposium Showcase as a day of great presentations that will illuminate our students’ many endeavors and pursuits.  Please connect with any student, or group, who you believe could add dimension to Symposium by sharing something he/she/they created, and encourage your classes to present material they worked on this year. In addition, we will explore Symposium Week as an opportunity to celebrate community stories, growth, milestones, and more!

Virtual Symposia is a combination of live and on-demand presentations.  Students present solo, in groups, or with their entire class. Presentations include moderated and timed talks, posters, panels, discussions, interactive collaborations, and art work in various formats. We are pleased to include intergenerational classes involving Lasell Village in our presentations. Their perspective enriches and deepens the knowledge base of our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Connected Learning Symposium Committee:


  • Dennis Frey, Jr.
  • Lee Means
  • Stephanie Williams
  • Matt Boyle
  • Heidi Burgiel