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Global Ambassadors

Lasell's Global Ambassadors provide peer-to-peer guidance to prospective study abroad students as well as help the Office of International Services plan and execute programs and activities related to study abroad.

Our Global Amabassadors

female student by river with London Bridge in background

Arianna Bloom '25 

"My time studying abroad in London was one of the best experiences of my life. Not only did I meet amazing new friends and people, but I also grew immensely as a person. I was given the opportunity to become fully independent and self-sufficient. I also really loved the freedom I had in London. With the city being so large and with its very efficient underground train system, I was able to travel with ease and visit so many different parts of the city. What made this even better were the memories I created with my new friends as we explored the city together. I will never forget my time studying abroad in London! (London College of Fashion)


Female college student in collage on photos from Paris

Regan Atchue '25 

Study abroad was the most character-shaping experience I've had during my college experience. Traveling to seven different countries, both with others and alone, allowed me to experience the world and my own independence. The subjects that I studied immersed me in European culture. I was able to visit museums all over Europe, sketching masterpieces. Taking inspiration from my environment and experiences, I was able to create art in all forms, from sketching, to ceramics, to knitting. The program offered many experiences around Italy and Florence, allowing me to absorb the lifestyle in Italy. Studying art history among ancient art is an experience I will treasure for my lifetime. (Scuola Lorenzo de Medici through API)


Male college student standing in a Blueberry train station in London

Spencer Villinski '25 

My experience studying in London was super rewarding, both personally and professionally. I made friends with fashion students from across the United States and from around the world.
London Fashion Week was undoubtedly the highlight of my semester. I was lucky enough to attend the catwalk show and/or presentation of HARRI, Ray Chu, and Claudia Wang, just to name a few. Of my six engaging, informative courses, Fashion Entrepreneurship and Luxury Brand Management, taught by fashion business consultant and international bestselling author Tobey Meadows, was really exceptional. My mom even visited me towards the end of my time abroad. We explored London, and then Edinburgh, Scotland together.  (London College of Fashion)


David Honan

Riley Honan '24 

"Studying abroad was the best decision I ever made. It provided me with countless opportunities for growth and discovery. I got to experience the world in an entirely new light.  I traveled to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Mykonos, Santorini, Palma, and Rome. Each location exposed me to a new culture and way of life. I learned so much on how the rest of the world works. I am so thankful for the experience and the opportunity to travel." (AIFS Global Education Center London)



Mekenzie Barbosa '24

"During my study abroad experience I was able to visit a total of seven new countries all of which allowed me to expand my knowledge of European culture. Something I really loved when I was in Italy was the Italian lifestyle and the belief that you should always indulge in good food, wine, and conversation among your closest friends ... most of the time all three of them around a small restaurant table!" (Florence University of the Arts through SAI)



Marisa Mentekidis '24

"Studying abroad exceeded all my expectations and was truly one of the best experiences in my life! I was in Florence Italy with my best friend Alexis and we not only got the opportunity to diverse our education, but we also got to travel to so many places in Europe - Barcelona, Munich, Lucerne, Salzburg, and London! Studying abroad was for sure out of my comfort zone but looking back now I’m so happy I did it and I miss it every day." (Florence University of the Arts through SAI)


Emily Antonik

Emily Antonik '24

"Barcelona was a fantastic city to study abroad in! The city's thriving culture, gorgeous architecture, and mouthwatering food made for an amazing experience. I was able to travel to four other countries during my time abroad. The people and the atmosphere were what made my time in Barcelona genuinely memorable. I will always treasure my time in Europe and I cannot wait to go back." (Universidad de Barcelona through ISA)


Student in window

Ashley Cabrera '24

"Studying aboard in Paris, France has always been a dream for me since I was a kid. I was there as a fashion design student and there is literally inspiration everywhere you go in Paris. I learned a lot as a fashion student, a design student, and a regular college student. I was able to travel to other places such as northern France, southern France, Belgium, and Ireland. It will be an experience that I will never forget and I have learned a lot as a fashion student and personally." (Paris American Academy)