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Presenter Information

Projects are presented in large groups, smaller teams, or individually.  Projects can be based on course work, organizational endeavours, volunteer projects, service learning, connected learning, internships, and all types of creative expression.

Students, faculty, staff, and residents of Lasell Village are all encouraged to present.

Why Present

  • The preparation and presentation of a body of knowledge in a formal setting is important for everyone to learn and practice often.

  • You have a Directed Study, Linked Credit, or Honors Component that you want to share.

  • You want to present about a research project on campus or an internship. 
  • Public speaking is an art form that should be continually developed.

Types of Presentations

  • The Ten-Minute Take-Away - Moderator timed 5-minute presentation, with 5-minute comments/questions from the audience. 

  • Booths - Showcase of individual or small group presentations

  • Oral Presentations - Individual or group projects generally 30-60 minutes in length

  • Mock Trial - Students participate in a trial while Lasell community members sit as jurors.

  • The Moral Topic - Discussion combines all Philosophy classes, and is the discussion of right, wrong and all the gray areas in between.

  • Self-Guided Presentations - Designed to be viewed at their own speed, and can include written, video, graphic or photo essays.

  • Round Table Discussion - om a topic put forth by students and their faculty sponsor.

  • Open Classrooms - held during regular class time on a day leading up to symposium day.

More Information

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