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Tuition and Aid

Lasell Works

Lower Cost + Career Prep = Lasell Works

Combine early career preparation with lower tuition costs from your freshman to senior year when you elect the Lasell Works opportunity.

About Lasell Works

Lasell Works is a unique feature of our university that’s available in almost all of our academic areas. What makes it special?

  • Your tuition is reduced each year from $42,000 as a freshman to $32,000 as a senior.
  • Your scholarships and financial aid will continue to further lower your cost.
  • You’ll live off-campus in your sophomore year while you work in an area related to your academic major and take online classes.
  • Return to campus (or commute from home if you prefer) in your junior year to complete your courses and continue your career prep with an internship and a variety of professional seminars until you graduate ready for full-time employment.
  • Find more information at Lasell Works: Year by Year

Lasell Works Declining Tuition 2021-2022

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common question about Lasell Works: What majors are available?

  • Every major is included in the program except these: Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Education, Biochemistry, and Exercise Science.
  • Answers to other questions are at Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we haven’t answered? Ask Stephanie Williams, Lasell Works director, by email at, call her at 617-243-2084, or complete our “Request Information” form.

Apply to Lasell Works

Ready to apply for Lasell Works? Tell us that when you apply for admission. After we review and accept your application we’ll contact you for your next steps. Apply for admission here.

"Lasell Works is the answer to the two largest burdens that I will face after college: employment and debt. I'm confident that I will be a strong contender in the job market because of the experience I'm getting so early in my academic career."
— Ann Mary, Class of '22