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Honors Program

Lasell University Honors Program

The Honors Program offers an intensive setting for intellectual and social development. It fosters independent thinking, social responsibility, enthusiasm for intellectual inquiry, and appreciation for the power of ideas.

The Honors Program aims to produce interdisciplinary thinkers and problem-solvers with a critical moral sensibility. Students gain the skill to research problems from a number of angles. They develop the leadership strategies to organize action and implement solutions.

Sample Student Projects

LinocutCurious about the types of projects students create in the Honors Program? Check out these projects on sustainability.

"The Honors Program has been totally worth it. If you want to explore, grow, and meet awesome people, this is for you."
— Alan, Pyschology 

"I chose the Honors Program, initially, just because it would look great on my resume and transcript. However, it became a tight-knit educational program that opened my eyes to many opportunities."
— Kaitlyn, Communications, Journalism & Media Writing