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Involvement Guide

When selecting a University, most students tell us that academics are central to their choice: the quality of the academic program overall, the existence of a specific major or field of study, the chance to work closely with faculty members in a small, classroom setting, and the opportunity to pursue internships. When Lasell graduates tell us what made their collegiate years memorable, they usually speak about the quality of both the in-classroom and out-of-classroom experiences... especially about the ways in which they were able to get involved in the life of the campus community.

A Lasell education certainly begins with the knowledge and perspective that one gains in the studies of various subject matter. Beyond the classroom, growth and development occurs for all of us in a variety of ways: gaining skills as critical thinkers; acquiring and enhancing skills and talents; learning how to form and navigate meaningful relationships with other people; gaining understanding about the many intersections between our bodies and minds; exploring the ways in which we want to contribute to society, in our careers and our volunteer service; wrestling with hard decisions and complex problems, both intellectual and emotional; and reflecting on the meaning in our lives.

This Involvement Guide outlines for you, many of the opportunities for growth and development that exist at Lasell University. In the Guide, you will find: descriptions of volunteer and paid positions; descriptions of leadership roles you might play; descriptions of activities that are fun and fruitful; descriptions of the means by which you can make a difference, while being transformed yourself.

To fully realize the wonders of “the Lasell experience,” you need to take advantage of all that this University community has to offer. Becoming engaged in the life of the University ... both in – and outside – of the classroom … is the surest way to deepen the quality of your learning, and the best way to make connections that will serve you for years ahead. Welcome to the Involvement Guide. Let me know if I can help you to design your very own “Lasell experience.” 

David J. Hennessey, Assistant Vice President + Dean of Student Affairs

Opportunities Available
Athletic Captains
Athletic Work Positions
Career Assistants
Clubs and Organizations Officers
Emerging Leaders
Event Managers
Global Ambassadors
Office Assistants
Office Managers
Orientation Coordinators
Orientation Leaders
Peer Health Educators

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