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Information for Parents and Families

College is a time of transitions, challenges, growth, and success. The Lasell University Counseling Center is a place where your student can speak confidentially to a clinician about a range of personal issues. For students needing care beyond the scope of our clinical services, we can assist in referrals to mental health or substance abuse specialists in the local community; the Boston area is fortunate to have a wide range of health services for ongoing care.

Continuation of Services

If your student is currently receiving therapy or treatment in your home community or is currently taking prescription medication for mental health needs, it is important to plan for continuation of services before coming to campus to avoid waitlists for treatment. We highly recommend that you consult with your student's current provider to discuss continuation of medication and ongoing therapy. For continuity of treatment, our recommendation is to arrange periodic meetings with the provider in your home community.


There are occasions when a student's behavior or presentation raises concerns for parents. The Lasell University Counseling Center staff is available for consultation, within the limits of confidentiality. Such consultations can focus on a range of issues, including:

  • How to assist a student faced with a difficult situation
  • How to refer a student to the Counseling Center
  • How to locate appropriate local mental health treatment for students

Contact Us

If you would like assistance or consultation, please contact the Director of the Counseling Center, Sharon Harrington-Hope, at 617-243-2145 or by emailing