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Social Justice and Anti-Bias Community Support

The Lasell University Police Department stands in solidarity with our community members in condemnation of systemic racism, police brutality, intolerance and injustice.

As police officers, we recognize the importance of being good allies to those whom we have vowed to protect and serve. We are incredibly proud of the community we serve. We value the relationships we have cultivated with campus members, both personally and professionally. Because of how much those relationship mean to us, we feel it is important for us as human beings and law enforcement professionals to share with you our belief in the sanctity of life and vow to uphold the Department’s Mission, Values, Training and Philosophy along with the principles of 21st Century Policing and guidelines for Racial Justice & Police Reform under the newly established Act Relative to Justice, Equality and Accountability in Law Enforcement in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Training is an important part of police work, and we consistently strive to maintain a high level of training, both in the quality and quantity of training our officers receive. Our training is grounded in fair and humane treatment of all. As your community caretakers, we are committed to continuing our training, which includes regular anti-bias policing, de-escalation and fair and impartial policing training, with the best interests of our community members in mind.

Lasell University Police Officers have taken part in many trainings to help officers continue to serve in our ever-changing community. The list below contains some of the most recent training our officers have completed:

    • Calibre Press:  Implicit Bias: Understanding its Impact on Actions & Decisions

  • National Inclusive Excellence Leadership Academy:
    • Diversity & Community Policing on Campuses in Unpredictable Times

  • Promoting Racial Justice: Lasell University Prof. Jesse Tauriac
    • Two events Honoring Black Lives
    • Scene on Radio podcast(s): Seeing White

  • Lasell University Police Department In-Service Video trainings & discussions
    • 13th Netflix documentary by Ana DuVernay
    • Racial Profiling
    • Living While Black: How does racial bias lead to unnecessary calls to police
    • Walking While Black:  Jacksonville Police
    • Lori Fridell - Implicit Bias
    • Use of Voice – Not Force: Sergeant Fred Jones / TedxEustis
    • Lethal Force -  fleeing suspect
    • Officer Slager – ACLU
    • Atlanta Shooting: Rashard Brooks / Atlanta-Journal Constitution
    • Joe Smarro: Tedx – I can see you

  • Lasell University Police Dept In-Service video training: in-house video / discussion forum
    • Social Justice & Inequities as a Police Officer: An Insiders perspective
    • Lasell University Police Department members talk about cultural & diverse experiences

  • Use of Force:   Lasell University Police Department review updated policy

  • Center for Professional Studies at Fitchburg State University:
    • The Urgency of Social Justice
    • Addressing Implicit Bias & Microaggressions

We have attended numerous classes via in person or on Zoom on the following:

  • Fair and Impartial Policing
  • Bubble and Bridges Race Relations
  • CIT - Critical Incident training
  • Webinars and training through Lasell University
  • Racially Just Policing Model Policy
  • De-escalation in person training
  • Safe Spaces and Free Speech
  • Attended trainings by American College Personnel on Diversity
  • Attended training by Association of American College and University

  • GOAL: "Am I aware" Transgender Awareness Training