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Campus Accessibility Resources

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides confidential short-term counseling and crisis mental health services to any undergraduate student. For students needing care beyond the scope of the clinical services available on campus (for example, weekly CBT or psychotherapy, psychiatric medication such as for treatment of ADHD, social skills groups, or specialized substance abuse treatment), The Counseling Center can assist students in referrals to services in the community using their health insurance.

We recommend that students who have specialized or intensive mental health care prior to coming to Lasell make plans with their current treatment provider to coordinate ongoing support. It is best to find off-campus professionals in the Boston area before arriving at Lasell. 

Health Services

Health Services can provide assistance to students who have medical needs related to a special physical or mental health concern that requires on-going treatment. It is important to note that the Health Services Office does not generally provide student prescriptions to obtain psychotropic medications, including medications for ADD/ADHD; such needs require pre-planning which should be accomplished before the student arrives on campus.

Academic Achievement Center (AAC)

The Academic Achievement Center (AAC) provides free academic assistance to all Lasell students and can work with students who have specific disability accommodations. 

Additional Resources