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Campus Life

DEI Leadership & Commitment

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Lasell has made an institutional, community-wide commitment to acknowledge, respect, and celebrate differences in our multiple perspectives, identities, social positions, and cultural lenses. We affirm that Lasell's mission of social responsibility and effective, engaged learning requires our demonstrable commitment to an inclusive campus environment. 

Furthermore, we believe that these ongoing processes require us to act with integrity and empathy, and a willingness to engage in self-reflection. As a means of evaluating the community's progress towards these goals, we will develop comprehensive measures of accountability and regularly analyze and report on all collected data. 

We are dedicated to the creation and maintenance of an inclusive campus environment in which all members of the Lasell community can thrive. We need and ask for the active contributions of every community member to achieve this goal. 

Strategic Planning

Lasell University has prioritized diversity and inclusion as part of its strategic plan. Here are some updates on the work that we have completed: 

  • Fall 2020: The Baseline, Action, and Momentum for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee was established. This committee, comprised of faculty, students, and staff, focuses on promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion as indivisible and central to the university mission and success, and ensures that all voices of the Lasell community, regardless of title, are heard. 

  • Summer 2020: Several virtual forums held to discuss racial equality 

  • Fall 2019: First-annual Lasell U Belong celebration held to celebrate the diversity of our campus and our transition to University status 

  • Fall 2018: "Where We Stand" campus-wide forum held to update the Lasell community on progress toward our goals 

  • Summer 2018: The "IC3," a dedicated space for intercultural and non-traditional students, established    

  • Spring 2018: Campus-wide forums on racial equity held where students and staff could speak about their experiences 

  • January 2018: Lasell strategic plan approved 

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Donahue Institute for Equity & Social Justice

The Nancy Lawson Donahue '49 Institute for Equity & Social Justice promotes social justice and global consciousness on campus. The Institute sponsors programs related to moral and ethical decision-making, human rights, and civic engagement through speakers, forums, panel discussions, films, workshops, and more.