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Undergraduate Students FAQs


Q. Do you have a recommendation for the minimum technical requirements for a computer?
A. For Windows computers we recommend Windows 8 with at least 8GB of RAM. For Apple computers we recommend running at least El Capitan MacOS with a minimum of 8GB of RAM. Full and extended manufacturer warranties are highly recommended. Resident students, don't forget the surge suppressor and an extension cord.

Q. Should I get a laptop or a desktop computer?
A. With a laptop, you have the versatility to take it to wherever you are most comfortable. If your roommate is distracting, you can simply pick up your laptop and study in the library. However, most students' favorite place to lay with their computer is in their bed. As you make the choice between a desktop and a laptop, ultimately, you should weigh your own personal pros and cons.

Q. What software should I have on my computer?
A. We recommend a word processor such as Microsoft Office 365, which is available with your Lasell Credentials. Students are provided five licenses that can be used on Windows, iOS, Android and MacOS. Other discounted programs can be purchased through JourneyEd. OpenOffice is available for Windows and Mac as a free download at  Firefox and Google Chrome both highly recommended. Can also use Internet Explorer. We also recommend Avast for anti virus and MalwareBytes for malware. Both applications will run on Windows and MacOS.

Q. Are resident students required to bring a computer to campus?
A. Resident students are not required to bring a computer to campus but if it is financially feasible, students are encouraged to bring their own computer. If resident and commuter students don't bring computers to campus, there are over two hundred computers available in public computer labs. The labs located in Brennan Library are open over 88 hours each week during the Fall and Spring terms. In addition, there are many more computers in departmental labs and 24/7 lounge spaces available to students.

Q. How should I backup my documents?
A. We recommend backing up all of your coursework in the OneDrive included with your Microsoft email account. This location is secure, protected and comes fully loaded with free features. Click here for more information on getting the most from your OneDrive cloud storage. We do not recommend using USB flash drives or external hard drives for backing up your files. No matter what solution you choose, remember to always keep at least one copy of your coursework in a different location than the original.

Q. Are commuter students required to bring a laptop to campus?
A. Commuter students are encouraged to bring a laptop to campus to take notes during class and use to check email and study between classes. If you don't bring your own laptop to campus, there are plenty of computers in the Graduate and Commuter Lounge and public areas around campus.

Q. If I am a resident student and I bring a desktop computer to campus, how can I connect it to the Lasell network?
A. Lasell has a high-speed wired and wireless network, which extends to each residence hall room and every student has his or her own connection. If you don't have wireless on your desktop, all you need is an Ethernet cable to connect to the wired network.

Printing on Campus

Q. Do I need to bring a printer to campus?
A. You will have a pre-funded printing account of $30 per semester which can be used at public printers located in all computer labs and lobbies of many academic buildings. Resident students can bring a personal printer to campus but it is not recommended as most assignments can be turned in electronically and public printers are available 24/7. Wireless personal printers will not work on the Lasell wireless network and must be connected with a USB cable.

Q. Can I print from my laptop to a public printer on campus?
A. Yes, you can print Word and PDF documents from your laptop to many public printers via our Wireless Web Print system. Simply select the the Web Print link on the front page of MyLasell and follow the prompts.

Q. Are there scanners available to students on campus?

A. Yes, you can scan documents there are two computer in the Brennan Library available to scan documents. The Academic Achievement Center has a scanner, The Teaching and Learning Center, and the Lowe Teaching Lab both have scanners as well. 


What do I need to do to connect my computer to the Lasell wireless network?
A. For a Mac, all you need is a working wireless adapter and the latest OSX updates.  For a PC you will need  a working wireless adapter, the latest Windows updates, and valid virus protection. 

Q. Can I connect my iPad, iTouch, smartphone, and game console (Xbox, PlayStation and Wii) to the Lasell wireless network?
A. To connect your device to the Lasell wireless network, go into the settings of your device and choose the network "Lasell". If you cannot connect right away by logging in via a web browser, you will need to the MAC address for your system. With the Mac address, to register your device to the Lasell network. If you need assistance, please call the Technology Help Desk to get connected.

Q. Is there anybody to help me connect my computer or device to the Internet when I arrive to campus?
A. The Technology Help Desk is here to help you 24/7 day and night! To contact us, dial 617-243-2200 or email us during our business hours: or visit us at the Technology Help Desk office located on the lower level of the Brennan Library. Our walk-in hours are Mon-Thur 8:00am to 9:00pm and Fridays 8:00am-5:00pm during the regular Fall and Spring academic semesters.

Public Computer Labs

Q: When will the Brennan Library Labs be available for my use?
A. Labs are open Monday - Friday from 7:45a.m. - 11:45p.m. and on Saturday from 12:00p.m. - 4:45p.m. and Sunday 12:00p.m. - 11:45p.m. The Glow Student Lounge and Butterworth Student Lounge have public computers and printers available 24/7 for students.

SmartPhones, iPads and iTouch Devices

Q. Can I get my Lasell email on my Smartphone (Blackberry, iPhone, Droid, etc)?
A. Be sure to select Exchange, Active Sync or Corporate email type when prompted. The Server Name is or and Username is your Lasell email address. The domain is Student for all users. The Technology Help Desk can always assist connecting your email on any smartphone.

TVs, Cable Network, and Game Consoles

Q. Do I need a TV for my room?
A. Yes, if you want to watch TV in your room you will need to bring a cable ready TV to campus. You will also need to bring a Coax Cable to connect your TV to the cable jack in the room.

Q. Are there public TVs on campus?
A. There are several public large screen TVs in major public areas on campus such as the Campus Center, Commuter/Grad Lounge, Glow Student Lounge and the Rosen Lobby and Dinning Hall.

Q. What cable television service is provided for students?
A. In residence hall rooms, each student is provided with Xfinity cable television service with a full cable lineup. The complete channel listing is available on our MyLasell Technology page. To download these, visit the Technology for Students page previous to this one.

Q. Can I bring my game console to campus?
A. Lasell network supports the use of Xbox, PlayStation and Wii in residence halls. You will need to the wireless MAC address for your system, followed by registering your device using Please contact the Technology Help Desk for assistance. 

Technology Help for Students

Q. What help is available on campus for students using computers?
A. There are online user guides available on the Information Technology site on MyLasell. For personal assistance 24/7, contact the Technology Help Desk at 617-243-2200 or email during business office hours. If the problem is related to connecting to the Lasell Network the Help Desk staff will work to fix the problem or provide a diagnosis if we are unable to resolve the problem on site. The Help Desk staff is not able to work on issues related to a hardware malfunction of technology belonging to students. For extensive support issues, the Help Desk recommends Systems Analysis technology repair service located a half mile from campus.

More Information

If you still have questions or need more information, contact the Technology Help Desk 24/7 at 617-243-2200 or email during business office hours!