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Bias Incident Report Form

If the incident you are reporting is an emergency, please call Lasell University Campus Police immediately at 617-243-2279 

Thank you for taking the time to complete this report. Lasell is committed to addressing incidents of bias that happen anywhere on campus or at an off-campus location, and we appreciate your help in bringing these incidents to our attention.

Submissions through this form will be received by Lasell's Bias Education and Support Team (BEST)

Either an individual who has been a target of a bias-related incident or an individual who has witnessed a bias-related incident can complete this form. Please include as much information as possible. Your name and all information related to the report will be kept as confidential as is reasonably possible. (Note: in certain situation, such as incidents of sexual misconduct or when there is risk of self-harm or violent criminal activity, the University is legally required to share information with the appropriate authorities.)

Under normal circumstances, you will be contacted within three business days regarding any incident of bias that you report for follow up and investigation. If circumstances preclude a three-day turnaround, you will be contacted as soon as it is feasible thereafter.

If the bias incident is in the form of graffiti or other posting, it should not be removed or destroyed. Lasell University Campus Police should be called immediately at (617) 243-2279. The graffiti or posting may be temporarily covered, as long as the covering does not damage the graffiti or posting. Campus Police will photograph the graffiti or posting and will contact Facilities and Sustainability Management to remove the graffiti or posting.

Reminder: If this is an emergency please call Lasell University Campus Police at 617-243-2279

If you have not been contacted by a member of the Bias Education and Support Team within three business days, please send an email to Jesse Tauriac at