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Campus Life

Taxes for International Students

Everyone living in the United States, including F-1 students, must file federal and state income tax forms whether they earn money in the United States or not.  All F-1 students and their dependents must file Federal Form 8843.  If you have received income in the U.S., you may file taxes using Federal Form 1040NR, if you meet its requirements. You can find all forms and information on the IRS website.

Please be advised that the Office of International Services does not specialize in international tax law and cannot answer questions regarding your individual tax filing requirement; however, as tax filing time approaches in February and March, the Office of International Services can provides information regarding where to locate tax forms and advice. 

Please review the frequently asked questions below for more information. 

For additional help with your tax return, the Sprintax online tax preparation software is available for all international students at Lasell University. It is an easy-to-use online tool to prepare your tax return at a low cost . You can see how it works in this Sprintax video.