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Meet Lasell Interns

 100% of students complete at least one internship while at Lasell. Many complete several. 

Sinclair Samuels


Sinclair Samuels '24

Major: Communication with concentration in Radio and TV Production



Internship at Radio Station Mix 104.1's Karson & Kennedy show: I was a Programming/Production Intern at Mix 104.1. My major requires me to take several hands-on production courses for radio and video. In those courses I'm required to use industry-grade cameras/equipment and editing software such as Adobe Premiere and Audition. My time and effort in clubs like LCTV, Lasell's TV station, and WLAS, Lasell's radio station, have given me room to expand the abilities and skills I've learned. I'm forever grateful for the accessible resources and tools that Lasell provides at my fingertips. 

How is the internship preparing you for life after Lasell?  I'm blessed to be in the hands of such an encouraging and positive environment. I'm learning that making mistakes is a part of the job and it's all about how you handle it going forward. Lasell has allowed me room to navigate where exactly I want to be after college, giving me a chance at every position from producing to being on air. I'm still figuring everything out but I'm glad they're so supportive and reassuring.

Trevor Lopinsky

Trevor Lopinsky '24

Hometown: Melrose, MA

Major: Forensic Science



Internship at Blueprint Medicines, Cambridge: This internship really impacted my career because it helped understand how foreign relations works between countries. The importance of Public administration and how much impact there can be when the resources are being provided to the community.

Words of Wisdom: Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Your internship is a learning experience for you, you are not expected to know everything. It can be intimidating but get to know everyone you work with at your internship they will be invaluable as a networking resource later as well.

Jamie Kinteris


Jamie Kinteris '24

Hometown: Reading, MA

Major: Graphic Design  Minor: Studio Fine Arts



Internship at New Art Center, Newton MA: I collaborated with the marketing team at New Art Center, where I developed a range of marketing materials for their non-profit organization. These materials were designed to promote their workshops, programs, events, and other initiatives. In crafting these designs, I adhered to their established color palette and incorporated paint strokes to maintain brand consistency throughout the materials.  The significance of my internship at New Art is that it was my first time working with a team of marketers. I really got to learn the inside scopes of how they run a non-profit art organization that is all about inclusivity, art education and the freedom of expression.

Words of Wisdom: Take in the whole experience! This experience is helpful in determining your interests. It can guide you to where you want to go! Go outside of your comfort zones and take advantage of the experience!

Karla Salamanca


Karla Salamanca

Hometown: Somerville, MA

Major: Legal Studies and Global Studies


Internship at Consulate General of El Salvador, East Boston: This internship really impacted my career because it helped understand how foreign relations works between countries.  The importance of Public administration and how much impact there can be when the resources are being provided to the community.

Words of Wisdom: Go for that Internship regardless of how hard or competitive it may be. Shoot that email, Contact that place! BE CONFIDENT!

Rosa  Del Carmen Gomez


Rosa Del Carmen Gomez '20

Hometown: Weymouth, MA

Major: Journalism  Minor: Spanish Language Studies


Internship at WCVB Channel 5, Needham MA:
 My internship with CityLine at WCVB gave me end-to-end ownership of production for a full episode of the show. It was the perfect place to grow and learn more about the field. I took photos during show tapings, prepared hosts with guest briefings, and contributed to the show's promotions.

I want future Lasell interns to know that being flexible and helpful, asking questions, and being kind at your internship will allow you to get the most out of it. This was an amazing opportunity with a great deal of fun and a lot of hard work.

Cristian Rivera


Cristian Rivera '21

Hometown: Framingham, MA

Major: Exercise Science


Internship at Velocity Sports Performance, Norwood, MA:
 My experience at Velocity Sports Performance was exceptional and surpassed my expectations. It was both difficult and rewarding because I learned the hands-on part of my career. I learned how to lead group warm-up sessions, how to coach general populations including young athletes, and how to conduct athlete testing. Effective testing and measurements inform training decisions that help athletes achieve their goals and maximize their potential. This was a great experience and I've learned so much.

Jasmine Williams


Jasmine Williams '21

Hometown: Waterbury, CT

Major: Early Childhood Education


Practicums at Williams Elementary School, Newton, MA and Dennis Haley Pilot School, Roslindale, MA: I had three different internships while at Lasell. I tutored kindergarten students at Bridge Boston Charter School, where I helped promote students' active voices and allowed them chances to express their feelings in a healthy way. That was through the PACES program at Lasell's Center for Community-Based Learning.

In my sophomore year, I was placed in a kindergarten classroom at Williams Elementary School, where I observed classroom instruction, parent-teacher meetings, and team development. I had opportunities to instruct morning meetings, instruct small group math lessons, and perform progress monitoring assessments on students.

In my junior year, my placement was at Dennis Haley Pilot School in Boston. I facilitated whole group lessons. And, in January, I traveled with Lasell to Antigua and Barbuda where I taught in the country's school system for the week. I collaborated with teachers on the island and gained perspectives on their pedagogical instruction strategies. It helped me find my true teaching style.

Hannah Bowerman


Hannah Bowerman '20

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Major: Fashion Design and Production


Internship at Albright Fashion Library, Beverly Hills, CA: I've had an amazing experience at my internship, learning so much about the fashion and business side of running a successful business that rents high end clothes to stylists, celebrities, and costume designers. I definitely feel that I have made some good connections that will help me further down the road when I have to look for jobs and figure out exactly what I want to do in the fashion industry.

Amanda Miller


Amanda Miller '21

Hometown: New Bedford, MA

Psychology Minor: Criminal Justice



Internship at Boys and Girls Club of New Bedford, MA: Every day at my internship was different. Each child's needs vary and some need more attention than others. There are some kids who routinely have more of a difficult time, and those are the ones I tried to learn something from in order to help them. I deescalated situations, helped continue safety plans that have been created for students, and was always observing how everyone interacted with one another.

Samantha Tompkins


Samantha Tompkins '20

Hometown: Whitman, MA

Major: Education, Curriculum and Instruction


Internship at The Fessenden School, Newton, MA: At The Fessenden School I learned a new scope of education. I worked one on one with students during instruction who have some barriers in their learning. Teachers have the ability to work more in tune with their students and their needs as opposed to the public school state standards.

Caitlin Ernst


Caitlin Ernst '20

Hometown: Hudson, NH

Major: Law & Public Affairs Minor: Forensics Science


Internship at Middlesex County District Attorney's Office, Framingham, MA & Woburn, MA: The first semester of my senior year I interned at the Framingham Regional Office of the DA's office. I assisted the District Court paralegal with different discovery requests in order to complete files for the assistant district attorneys. I also worked on updating tracked cases that were specifically chosen to be monitored by the regional director.I also attended various trials at the Framingham District Court.

I also interned with the Cold Case Unit of the DA's Office in Woburn, MA. I got hands-on experience within a real-world agency. I went into the internship with an open mind and was eager to learn everything I could. I learned an immense amount of information about the criminal justice system.

Alexandra Bartlett


Alexandra Bartlett '20

Hometown: Vineyard Haven, MA

Major: Business Management and Marketing  


Internship at seqWell, Beverly, MA: 
I took on different roles at this start-up, working closely with the sales team on generating leads as well as with the CFO, NPD team, and even the scientists. Being able to wear different hats has kept each day interesting and fast-tracked my learning.

James Kappatos


James Kappatos '20

Hometown: Seekonk, MA

Major: Communication Concentration: Public Relations  


Internship at DPA Communications, Boston, MA:
 After my internship with DPA Communications, I plan to complete more internships doing in-house, nonprofit, and corporate PR so that I can diversify my experience and explore where my passion for PR lies. I can confidently say that due to Lasell's Connected Learning philosophy, I am prepared to pursue my goals.