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Campus Diversity

Lasell has made an institutional, community-wide commitment to acknowledge, respect, and celebrate differences in our multiple perspectives, identities, social positions, and cultural lenses. We affirm that Lasell's mission of social responsibility and effective, engaged learning requires our demonstrable commitment to an inclusive campus environment. 

Please visit Lasell's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion page for more information on how Lasell is supporting these efforts.

Undergraduate Student Population - Fall 2023

Graduate Student Population - Fall 2023

undergraduate racial/ethnic minority 2023

Gender Breakdown

Reporting requirements from the U.S. Department of Education are based on a methodology that may undercount students whose gender identity does not align with their sex assigned at birth. To be more inclusive, the following chart displays information on students that have identified as transgender/non-binary in addition to female/male.

Lasell is committed to developing a methodology that is inclusive of all students, if you would like information on how Lasell supports students of all gender identities, please email Alanis Perez-Rivera at

Gender identity data is available for 20 percent of Lasell students.

Geographic Origin

Undergraduate students represented 27 states and 10 countries in Fall 2023.

Graduate students represented 30 states and 12 countries in 2023 Fall.