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Office of Finance and Operations, CFO


The Office of Finance and Operations is overseen by the University’s Vice President of Finance and Operations and Chief Financial Officer, Andrew W. Maylor, and is composed of the following:

Business Office

The Business Office supports the mission of Lasell University by providing financial stewardship, as well as professional and timely business services to the students, faculty, staff, and the greater Lasell Community. The Business Office maintains a supportive and respectful environment while providing the following services: Accounts Payable, Cash Management, Financial Planning and Reporting, Payroll, Purchasing and Risk Management.

Eric Knox: Associate Vice President, Finance
Judy Weinman: Accounts Payable Specialist
Nancy Gitlin: Cashier, Accounts Receivable Specialist 

Risk Management

Lasell's Risk Management policies and practices are designed to ensure the preservation of the human, physical and financial resources of Lasell University.

Conference and Auxiliary Services

Beatriz Panza: Director of Conference and Event Services
Dylan Alves: Assistant Director of Events and Auxillary Services

Facilities and Sustainabilty

The Facilities and Sustainability department staff, on call 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, provide both routine and emergency maintenance and repair services, event set-ups, and moving services for Lasell College’s fifty-four buildings. The department also contributes to Lasell’s continuing efforts of environmental sustainability.

Contact: 617-243-2220 |

Ben Bailey: Assistant Vice President for Facilities and Capital Management
Peter Hayes: Director of Administration and Operations

Information Technology

Kim Porter, Chief Information Officer


Mailroom Services Manager 

Strategic Initiatives

Adrienne Franciosi: Associate Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

Student Accounts 

Shola Okelola, Director of Student Accounts

Financial Statements

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Financial Summaries

2023 Financial Summaries
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