Office of Student Affairs

The professionals in the Division of Student Affairs work together to create and implement a vibrant co- and extra-curricular life on the campus.  A member of the President’s Senior Management Team, the Vice President of Student Affairs is responsible for providing leadership and for administering a comprehensive student development program at the College.  The various Student Affairs functions that report to the Vice President include:   Athletics, Career Services, The Center for Spiritual Life,The Conduct System,The Counseling Center, Health Services, International Services, Orientation, Residential Life, and Student Activities; additionally, the Vice President oversees the production of the student handbook, and works closely with the parents of our students.

The Vice President and the Dean of Student Affairs are both available to meet with students on a variety of issues.  Students may make appointments to meet with the Vice President and Dean regarding questions or concerns related to any aspect of their Lasell experience.  Additionally, the Vice President and Dean work with student leaders in helping to respond to feedback and ideas brought forward by members of the student body. 

At times of emergencies and or personal crises, students often seek out the support and assistance of the Vice President and Dean.  They are able to assist students in navigating those times when they find themselves in particularly challenging or difficult situations (including family crises),  and need someone to help them to pull together a plan of action and assist with the implementation of that plan.      

The Dean of Students is responsible for overseeing the College’s conduct system, and works with members of the College community in responding to alleged violations of College policy and/or local, state, or federal laws.  Students who believe that they have been aggrieved against by a member of the College community, may meet with the Dean to discuss their concerns and get information about the channels available to them to address those concerns.

The Office of Student Affairs, located on the top level of the Edwards Student Center, is where the Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs have their offices; it is also where the Offices of Residential Life and Career Services are located.


Diane M. Austin, B.A., M.S.
Vice President of Student Affairs
Edwards Student Center

David J. Hennessey, B.A., M.Ed.
Dean of Student Affairs
Edwards Student Center

Joan McGrath, B.A., M.A.
Administrative Assistant to the Office of Student Affairs 
Edwards Student Center