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Orientation Leaders

“My entire college experience has been shaped by my two three-plus week stints in what we call Laser Link Orientation. The people I met, the skills I gained, and the memories I made are all things I carry with me on a daily basis. Orientation is the best that has ever happened to me, twice.” –Kevin Moloney

What is it?
Orientation Leaders are an integral part of the Orientation Program, serving as facilitators, hosts, and resources for first-year and transfer students and their family members. Orientation Leaders have the opportunity to make an important contribution to campus life.

Who is eligible?
A Lasell University student in good academic (2.7 GPA or higher) and conduct standing.

What would I do, exactly?
They serve as group leaders, contacts among various departments, registration assistants peer educators, and positive role models. Orientation Leaders participate in spring and summer trainings, facilitate groups within June Orientation, and participate in Lasell Laser Welcome Weekend. They have the opportunity to participate in Laser Link 2.0, Laser Transfer transitions as needed. Orientation Leaders also act as a resource to incoming students and their families by sharing knowledge of Lasell.

What will I learn?
Orientation Leaders will develop their self-confidence, communication, leadership, interpersonal, troubleshooting, and teamwork skills.

How can I find out more?
Contact Thomas Morgan, Director of Student Activities and Orientation.

Orientation Leaders are paid a $500 stipend.

Recruitment Schedules:
Hiring for this position happens in the spring of each semester. Applications would be available at the Winter Activities Fair.

Timelines: Applications are due at the beginning of the Spring Semester.

Tips: If interested, go to an information session, talk to past Orientation Leaders, and the current Orientation Coordinators. Take the process seriously.

Contact Information:
Thomas Morgan, Director of Student Activities and Orientation
Arnow Campus Center, Second Floor