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Event Managers

"When I reflect on my time as an event manager I find that it has helped me reach a level of confidence I never thought I would achieve. It has also given me a deeper sense of community within the Lasell campus." -Brianna Penney

"As an event manager, I get the opportunity to learn and grow from gaining experience from a job that is directed in my field of study. I have gained professional, interpersonal and leadership skills, while having fun with my coworkers and fellow students doing a job that I love being a part of." -Deidre Duddy-Kennedy

What is it?
Event Managers are the point of contact for performers, vendors and student groups during events. Events could be sponsored by a club or the Office of Student activities. Event Managers will ensure the overall needs of each event are properly met and executed. Event Managers will troubleshoot as challenges arise.

Who is eligible?
A Lasell College student in good academic and conduct standing. 

What would I do, exactly?
Event managers are the person in charge at events that don't have professional staff members. They will assist in setting up, tearing down, trouble shooting and tech help. Event managers will be required to assist at college events and programs including Welcome Week programming, Friends, Family and Alumni Weekend, Holiday Fest and Fall/Winter Activities Fairs. Additional events are on an as needed basis.

What will I learn?
Students learn the process of event planning and event management. The students in this position have the ability to plan events from start to finish in addition to providing support to pre-planned events. Students will learn how to interact with peers, vendors and agents in a professional manor. Students will learn how to plan events within a given budget.

Recruitment Schedules:
Hiring for this position happens in the beginning of each semester based on need of managers. Applications would be available at the Activities Fairs.

Timeslines: Students are typically hired at the start of the fall semester. Applications are normally available at the Activities Fair.

Tips: If interested, apply and keep applying. Take the process seriously. Have Career Services review or help you create a resume.

Contact Information:
Office of Student Activities
Phone: 617-243-2124