Emerging Leaders

"Emerging Leaders gave me the opportunity to grow as a leader. It gave me the chance to learn more about working in a group, creating a resume that employers will like, and talk about diversity in leadership. After graduating Emerging Leaders I now have a better sense of the type of leader I am and how to apply it to the things that I am involved in on campus and the real world." -Emma Nuneviller '15

What is it?
Emerging Leaders is an eight-week program that will take place in the fall. The program is set up as seminar style workshops. You will develop and build upon precious leadership experiences and learn how to apply it here at Lasell.

Who is eligible?
Any sophomore, junior or senior student interested in leadership that are nominated by faculty, staff or another student. Students who completed Exploring Leadership do not need to be nominated.

What would I student do, exactly?
Emerging Leaders is an eight week course that students attend. Students would be expected to actively participate in each class, complete the refection assignments and apply their learning to their leadership on campus.

What will I learn?
Students will learn specific leadership skills, ethical decision making, team work, goal setting, diversity, and leadership philosophy and time management.

How can I find out more?
Contact Sarah Richardson, Assistant Director of Student Activities

Recruitment Schedules: Nominations/application process takes place in the spring for the following semester.

Timelines: Applications are due in the spring for the fall workshop.

Tips: Emerging is a great way to kick off or improve your leadership activities here at Lasell. Be interested and engaged and try it.  

Contact Information:
Office of Student Activities
Arnow Campus Center, Second Floor
Sarah Richardson, Assistant Director of Student Activities
Email: studentactivities@lasell.edu
Phone: 617-243-2475
Websites: www.lasell.edu/orientation, www.lasell.edu/studentactivities
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lcactivities
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lcactivities
Instagram: www.instagram.com/lcactivities