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Clubs and Organizations Officers

Club and Organization Officers

"It can be intimidating running for a club officer, however the experiences I've gained from doing it are priceless. Now more confident than before, I can apply what I've learned to real world problems and am a stronger leader inside and outside the Lasell Community"-Jenna Bencivenga '18, Campus Activities Board, Vice President

"Being a part of the 1851 Chronicle has helped me in so many ways and has taught me important lessons of journalism. It's truly broadened my entire learning experience at Lasell. I'm excited to grow and start the position of Co-Editor in Chief, as this will further my experience in journalism and allow myself to work with other dedicated students in creating as successful publication" - Ryan Fitzgerald '17

Title/Position: The position of a club officer can be something from the standard (President, VP, Secretary, and Treasurer) to more organization specific positions (Event Manager, External Relations Manager, Dance Choreographer, Advertising/Promotional Director, Station Manager, etc.)

What is it?

A club/organization officer is someone who takes on a specialized role within their organization as delineated in the organization's constitution. This person often sits on the executive board of their organization and is involved in the decision making portions of how to run the organization effectively. Students typically join organizations that match either their career or personal interests.

Who is eligible?
Any full-time student in good academic and judicial standing can serve as a Club and Organization Officer. It is important to consider one's time commitments and the amount of time it may take to do the position well before taking on the role. Specific organizations have guidelines in their constitutions of how Club and Organization Officers are elected.

What would I do, exactly? 
The position a student holds dictates what their role is within the organization. Presidents of student organizations are required to organize/run meetings with their executive and general boards as well as facilitate the communication of the club actions with the Office of Student Activities and Orientation and greater Lasell community. Other roles take on a variety of responsibilities that assist in meeting the organization's vision.

What will I learn?
Because of the type of work completed varies for positions, club officers gain the opportunity to strengthen their interpersonal skills, apply their current knowledge towards the completion of a task and be exposed to new ideas and information through interaction and engagement with the organization. In club officer positions students will learn how to take initiative and learn the importance of accountability

How can I find out more?
Running Club The three best ways to find out more about club organization officers is to visit the Office of Student Activities and Orientation, talking to current student organization leaders or by looking at the online club and organization manual

Clubs and Organizations Officers positions are unpaid.

Recruitment Schedules:
Vary by club and organization. Most organizations recruit at the Activities Fair each semester and have elections for positions at the end of the spring semester. Some clubs hold elections, some hold selection processes, etc.

Vary per club. Talk to the Office of Student Activities and Orientation to learn more information on joining a club. Once in a club work with the executive officers and advisor to find out how that club functions.

Challenge yourself to run to be an officer of a club by the end of your Junior year. Have confidence, have fun, have passion. 

Contact Information:
Office of Student Activities and Orientation
Arnow Campus Center, Second Floor
Phone: 617-243-2475