Orientation Coordinator

"Becoming and Orientation Coordinator was one of the best decisions I could have made. I gained so much experience and knowledge in how to organize events, be responsible for a group, work with people with much different work ethics than my own, and most importantly inspire others." - Colleen Melvin '14

What is it?
The position of Orientation Coordinator comes with the opportunity to help shape Orientation Leader training and the summer orientation program through collaboration with the professional staff in the Office of Student Activities. In addition, Orientation Coordinators are responsible for providing leadership and support to the Orientation Leader Staff. Orientation Coordinators should be able to effectively communicate information about programs, services, and academic policies to student staff, new students, and families.

Who is eligible?
Undergraduate student who have previously been an Orientation Leader with a good academic standing (minimum 2.7 GPA) and conduct standing.

What would I do, exactly?
As leaders on the Orientation staff, Orientation Coordinators have the unique opportunity to help plan aspects of the Laser Link Orientation and Lasell Laser Welcome Weekend orientation programs, while also serving as an Orientation Leader. Orientation Coordinators participate in and assist in the coordination of spring and summer trainings, Laser Link Orientation, Laser Link Orientation 2.0, Laser Transfer Transitions, Laser Winter Orientation and Lasell Laser Welcome Weekend. They also mentor Orientation Leaders.

What will I learn?
Students will learn the history and traditions of Lasell College, interpersonal skills, team building skills, trouble shooting skills, communication skills, and leadership skills and build their self-confidence.

How can I find out more?
Contact Jennifer Granger, Director of Student Activities and Orientation, or Sarah Richardson, Assistant Director of Student Activities.

Orientation Coordinators are paid a $700 stipend. Hiring for this position takes place in the fall of each semester based on need. Applications are available at the Fall Activities Fair.

Recruitment Schedule: Hiring for this position happens in the fall of each semester. Applications are available at the Fall Activities Fair.

Timelines: Students are hired in the fall semester.

Tips: Be a successful Orientation Coordinator! If interested, apply and keep applying. Take the process seriously. Have Career Services review or help you create a resume.

Contact Information:
Office of Student Activities 
Jennifer Granger, Director of Student Activities and Orientation
Sarah Richardson, Assistant Director of Student Activities
Website: www.lasell.edu/studentactivities 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lcativities
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lcactivities
Instagram: www.instagram.com/lcactivities