Living on Campus

Living on Campus

Residential Life at Lasell University offers students a unique living experience. Like the classroom environment, Lasell prides itself on having small residential communities where students feel comfortable and connected.

The residential system comprises 27 residential buildings:

  • 9 traditional-style residence halls
  • 3 suite-style residence halls
  • 15 residential houses

Housing Selection and Housing Types

Lasell does not have designated housing for first-year students; however most new students will be residing in our traditional-style residences which include Woodland, McClelland and VanWinkle Halls. New students are primarily assigned to doubles, triples, and in a few cases, quads.Students may also request to live in one of four themed-housing communities: quiet study, wellness, gender neutral, and community service. Additionally, female students may indicate a preference for single-sex living environments. Please note: Some female students will be assigned to an all-female community, regardless of their indicated preference.Most new students will be assigned to residential communities which are designated as "dry," meaning alcohol is not permitted in the building regardless of the residents ages.


Roommate requests will be honored whenever possible. Requesting one roommate does not guarantee you will be assigned a double occupancy room. Groups of three and four students may all request to be assigned together in a triple or quad, respectively. The person(s) that you indicate as your preferred roommate(s) must also request you in order to be assigned together. Students may request to be placed on a waiting list for a single (single rooms cost an additional $900 per semester). Single rooms are usually assigned to returning students during the annual room draw process. At this time, there are no single rooms available for new students. More information on housing can be found here.

Required Housing Forms 

Resident students, please read and complete the housing information listed below by Friday January 3, 2020.

Housing Assignments, Move-In Day

Your room assignment will be emailed to your Lasell email address the week of January 17, 2020. Incoming students are assigned to rooms according to the date that their enrollment deposit was received by the University. Based on deposit date, themed housing requests, and double occupancy rooms will be assigned first; followed by triple occupancy and quad occupancy rooms. Please review the important dates noted in the Housing Agreement, included on this page. Pay particular attention to residence hall opening and closing dates and vacation periods during which students may not remain in housing. When you sign the on-line Housing Agreement you agree to reside in the Lasell University residence system for the entire academic year.New Student Move In Day is Sunday, January 13, 2020, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. More information will be sent to your Lasell email address.If you plan to live on campus you will be able to sign your 2019-2020 Lasell University Housing Agreement electronically as well as request specific roommates and/or indicate personal preferences to assist with roommate matching. The housing information must be completed no later than Friday, January 3, 2020.

Reasonable accommodations can be made for students with a documented physical or medical need. Documentation must be provided by a medical provider and submitted in writing to the Office of Residential Life; call the office for more details at (617)-243-2124.
Lasell University carries no insurance covering personal property, and assumes no responsibility for items lost, damaged or stolen from student rooms. Residents are encouraged to review their family personal property insurance and obtain appropriate coverage. National Student Services, Inc. is an example of a source for obtaining student insurance. 

Whether you live in one of our traditional residence halls, contemporary residence halls, suite-style halls, or one of our unique Victorian houses, you'll find that our staff works hard to maintain a living environment that fosters both academic success and personal development. As a resident student, you have the opportunity to extend your education beyond the classroom. You can take the concepts and ideas you learn in class and test them out in a supportive environment. In the process, you'll learn more about yourself and those around you.

Types of Housing

Traditional Residence Halls

Traditional Residence Halls house the majority of first-year students and offer the best environment for them to learn about campus, get to know each other, and live the traditional residence experience with their fellow classmates. Traditional halls consists of doubles, triples, and in a few cases quads. The halls (with the exception of Van Winkle, which is all female) are co-educational by floor or wing. Each floor or wing has its own single-sex bathroom for residents of that community. The three traditional halls on campus are McClelland Hall, Van Winkle Hall, and Woodland Hall.

Contemporary Residence Halls

Contemporary style residence halls consist of quads (adjoining double rooms connected by a private bathroom). The halls are co-educational, but a single-sex environment is maintained in each quad room and in most cases hall floors are a mix of female and male students.

Suite-Style Residence Halls

Suite-Style residence halls offer a spacious living environment with the added convenience of a common area, small kitchenette, and bathroom(s) to share with your roommates. Suite-style housing is typically reserved for upper-class students. A six-person suite consists of two double rooms, two single rooms, and two bathrooms. A five-person suite consists of one triple room, one double room, and one bathroom. A four-person suite consists of two double rooms and one bathroom.

Victorian Houses

Resident houses offer a unique on-campus living experience. Each house is individual in style and brings forth a sense of history and community. Fireplaces, crown moldings, and beautiful glass work are just some of the unique touches that can be found throughout the Victorian era inspired homes. The houses accommodate between 12 and 40 students.