Students interested in understanding social justice and race and/or biases that fuel inequality, this course uses films and readings to dive deeper into these topics while building writing skills through discussion, peer-edit, and collaboration with the instructor. Students will also learn to identify and analyze arguments presented in the course materials to consider different points of view, identify bias, and understand how to become a good citizen in your community. 

Students will explore different visual platforms and film content to better understand of access and opportunities for those of greater need and those that have privilege. The course aims to help students understand the world around them, the ongoing changes in society and find the confidence to express their thoughts through writing in an informed manner.

What you will learn:

  • Students will explore different types of genres, such as short documentaries, poems, and more
  • How to use evidence instead of emotion to win an argument
  • Learn how to express your thoughts in a way that makes people challenge the status quo
  • Foster a deeper understanding of oppression and inequality and how to work towards a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable society
  • Strengthen various types of writing, journaling, poems, persuasive essays, and newsletter articles 

College Credit:

  • 1.5 credits


There are three format options: online, hybrid on-campus and online or overnight hybrid. 

College Credit

  • 1.5 credits

Dates offered:

April Break
April 15-19, 2024

Summer 2024 Session Dates:

  • Session 1
    July 24-28, 2024
  • Session 2
    August 5-9, 2024

Classes are available 100% online and on-campus

  • Students can bring lunch or buy lunch at the cafeteria for approx. $13 per meal

Online Format 

Courses will take place online through Zoom. 

ONLINE COST: $125 per class

On-campus/Hybrid Option (No Overnight)

Courses will take place on campus for 3 days and online through Zoom for two days. 

ON-CAMPUS/HYBRID COST: $125 per class

Overnight hybrid option

  • Mon., Tues. & Wed.,  on-campus from 9AM - 8 PM and online on Thurs. & Fri.  
  • Included 3 courses, Moolah Makers, Social Justice Writing, & Imazzination.  If a student has taken these classes before, they can opt for Connecting History to the present, Lazarro Method of Awareness and Advanced Financial Literacy)
  • 3 Meals per day included
  • Linens not included. (Students need to bring toiletries, pillow, towels, sleeping and or sheets/blanket)



Ask about our scholarship opportunities. Email profstudies@lasell.edu and let us know you are interested in applying for the YIP Summer Scholarship and the courses you would like to take. You will receive information to apply and deadlines to submit the materials.

What you will Experience

  • Explore social justice through films and discussion
  • Express yourself in a safe, supportive, inclusive environment
  • Participate in activities


Students need an internet-enabled device and connection to the Internet to access Zoom and the learning platform. 

Meet the Instructor

Lavette Coney believes that topics of whiteness, stereotype threat, and aversive racism are important in teacher education. Teachers must be reflective about what they bring to the student's learning environment by doing the internal work necessary to bring about social justice and equity.  Lavette has taught in Japan for eight years, where she authored various Japanese publications and initiated her research on race and social justice.  She has since developed many workshops and presented at several conferences/conventions on teacher self-reflection and implicit bias. Her most recent publications in both the Language Magazine and TESOL Journal are both about teacher reflective practice through a racial lens.

She is an educator with extensive experience in the world of education as a person of African descent, which includes teaching and overseeing the ELL Department as its Chair at The Fessenden School in West Newton. 

Lavette has earned a Bachelor of Arts and Science at the University of Massachusetts in Boston and a Master of Arts at the Teachers College at Columbia University in Tokyo, Japan and New York. 

How to Register

In just 4 steps you can register for the Lasell Youth Innovation Program. 

1. Pick the classes you want to take (use scroll on right side)

2. Fill out the Lasell YIP Application

3. If attending classes on-campus or staying overnight, please fill out the Parent Consent Form and Student Health & Emergency Form

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