Graduate Application Process

Where do I go to apply to a graduate program? Students go to our convenient student portal to apply.  If you are a first-time user click on "create an account" and if you are returning to finish your application click on "Login."

Once I apply to the program, how long will it take to receive a decision?
Students who complete their admission file by submitting all required documents will learn of a decision within a week or two.

Graduate Program FAQs 

Does Lasell University require GRE/GMAT scores?
No, you are not required to submit a GRE/GMAT score.

Why doesn't Lasell require GRE/GMAT scores?
Beginning your graduate education is a big decision, and once you decide to attend, you want to get started. At Lasell, we don't want to create any obstacles for working professionals ready to begin their master's degree.

How fast can I complete my master's degree?
Students who choose to study full-time (9 credits per semester) can complete the program in as few as 12 months. On average, students who study on a part-time basis (6 credits or less) will complete in 18 months.

Will I be assigned an advisor?
Yes, Lasell University graduate students are assigned a dedicated advisor that will guide you through your educational journey. Your advisor will assist you with course planning and academic policies and be a resource during your program.

I haven't been in a classroom for a long time. How do I know that I'm prepared?
Returning to the classroom can be intimidating, but you'll be amazed at how the skills you have acquired as a working professional will go to work for you in the classroom. Time management, the ability to work in groups, and problem-solving are just a few examples.

I never feel I have the time to begin my master's. Do you have any suggestions?
Pursuing your master's degree will definitely require balancing work, home, and study. You have to be prepared to plan your time wisely and make earning your master's a priority.

I want to begin studies at the graduate-level, but I'm not certain where to begin. Should I pursue a degree or a certificate?
Contact the Office of Graduate Enrollment at 617-243-2400 or by email at gradinfo@lasell.edu. You can speak to a graduate admission staff member or schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Course & Class FAQS

What is a hybrid course?
We define a hybrid as a course delivered online and is complemented by on-campus meetings, typically one night every other week.

How do online courses work?
The online courses run in 8-week sessions and are accelerated. The fast pace requires students to be engaged daily, while the asynchronous nature allows students to choose when to complete work within assignment deadlines.

Tech FAQs 

I want to buy a computer, what do you recommend and do you offer any discounts? 
We recommend you purchase the computer you feel most comfortable using within your price range. Take advantage of our agreements with Dell, Apple, or Lenovo to receive Lasell's discounted price.

Do you have a recommendation for the minimum technical requirements for a computer?
For Windows computers, we recommend Windows 8 with at least 8GB of RAM. For Apple computers, we recommend running at least El Capitan macOS with a minimum of 8GB of RAM. Full and extended manufacturer warranties are highly recommended. 

Do you have a recommendation for the minimum technical requirements for internet service?
For taking online courses, we strongly recommend an internet service capable of utilizing multimedia web content such as online videos and documents, which may accompany your course.

We recommend Microsoft Word such as Microsoft Office 365, which is available with your Lasell Credentials. Students are provided five licenses that can be used on Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS. Other discounted programs can be purchased through JourneyEd. OpenOffice is available for Windows and Mac as a free download at OpenOffice.org.  Firefox and Google Chrome both highly recommended. Can also use Internet Explorer. We also recommend Avast for antivirus and Malwarebytes for malware. Both applications will run on Windows and macOS.

How should I backup my documents?
We recommend backing up all of your coursework in the OneDrive included with your Microsoft email account. This location is secure, protected and comes fully loaded with free features. We do not recommend using USB flash drives or external hard drives for backing up your files. No matter what solution you choose, remember to always at least one copy of your coursework in a different location than the original. 

For all other questions, our staff at the Technology Help Desk are available 24/7 by phone (617)243-2200 and during business hours by email HelpDesk@Lasell.edu and chat support http://Chat.Lasell.edu.