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In order to generate the Federal Tax Form 1098T we are required to request your correct identifying number to file the return with the IRS and to furnish a statement to you. Failure to provide your correct identifying number could result in a penalty from the Internal Revenue Service.

Students may find additional 1098T information at ECSI.

Please complete part 1 of the W-9S form with your social security or tax identification number so that we may update our records accordingly and provide you with an accurate form.

For security reasons, we request that you do not mail or email your social security or tax identification number. Please visit the Student Accounts Office on the 1st floor of O'Connor Hall with your completed form.

Use Form W-9S to provide your correct Social Security Number (SSN) or Tax Identification Number (TIN).  

ECSI Account Information

To register an account and link the keycode to the account:

  •  Go to ECSI - Sign In or Register
  • Click the “Register” at the top right corner
  • Type in a username and password – it will ask you to create security questions, your address, social security number
  • Once the account is made, click “Connect An Account”
  • Copy + paste the Heartland key (this is within the automated email send to you)
  • Type in your social security number then your account gets linked
  • Click “View Account” to view your 1098-T form

1098-T Form Online Help

In support of ECSI’s recent efforts to assist students with accessing their 1098-T form online, ECSI released a new self-service feature to the ECSI EasyPath website.

Students may now look up their Heartland Key to connect and view their 1098-T tax form after they create and sign in to their profile. If a Heartland Key matches the information provided by the student, it will be presented on screen, and the student will be able to easily connect it to their user profile. Detailed instructions for this process can be found at the ECSI Service Desk.
Of course, students who want to talk with a Customer Advocate can reach the ECSI Contact Center via phone or chat. Information is located here. ECSI is making every effort to answer student calls in a timely fashion.

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