Partnership & Affiliates

Lasell University partners with companies and organizations to bring affordable education opportunities to their employees through our Partnerships & Affiliates Program.

We offer educational programs that can be customized to your organization at a lower cost to your employees. Lasell faculty will collaborate with your leadership to create training and course content to support your employees' personal and professional growth. We are experts at aligning credentials such as badges, certificates, bachelor's, and master's degrees with the knowledge and skills to help employees succeed in your organization.

Benefits of partnering with Lasell University

A partnership with Lasell can benefit your organization and employees in many ways, including fostering innovation, serving as an extended team to solve short-term problems, developing training for organizational goals, collaborating with our community to identify and cultivate future trends, and more.

Together we can develop an integrated, cutting-edge curriculum that aligns with your organization's culture, values, and mission, and best trains your employees for your specific business and industry needs. 

  • Curriculum co-creation and customization
  • Access to faculty experts
  • Opportunities to work with faculty and students to solve company/industry problems
  • Access to undergraduate and graduate interns
  • Customized training and education for employees
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A partial list of our current Partners & Affiliates


The ROI on professional development 

Education and industry partnerships are a powerful way of demonstrating your organization's investment in employees' personal and professional growth. According to a LinkedIn Learning Workforce report, 93% of employees would stay longer if their company invested in their careers.

Having an educational partner helps show your employees that you care about them and their professional development, which helps you retain employees longer. Companies that offer professional development also have 34% higher retention rate and 15% greater engagement. Since 87% of Millennials said that professional development and career growth are very important, employers should offer training to entice and attract a larger talent pool. 

According to the Huffington Post, companies that invest in employee training will reap a 24% higher profit margin than those who don't. A study from the HR Report found that retaining employees also save organizations money and resources, providing an even higher ROI.

Employee turnover is expensive. Oxford Economics reports the cost of a new hire is around $30,000, whereas the average spend of ongoing training per employee is only $1,500 per employee. It's exponentially more cost-effective to retain your employees than to hire new ones. 

Why your employees should continue their education with Lasell

  • Tuition discount for Partners that will stretch your employees' tuition reimbursement dollars

  • Flexibility - 100% online, on campus, or hybrid classes with 6 starts a year

  • Dedicated enrollment counselor to streamline the admission process

  • No GRE/GMAT required

  • No-cost application process

  • Accredited by the NECHE

  • Financial and military aid is available for students who qualify

  • Interactive and engaging online learning environment

  • Personalized approach to learning