Prior Learning Assessment

Earn Credit for your life experience

Save Time and Money

Lasell University, in partnership with the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), is streamlining your existing real-world experiences into quantifiable academic credits. Eligible students have the ability to take Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) courses. PLA courses require students to create portfolios that demonstrate prior learning through a self-paced, online learning platform. An approved PLA course can take the place of a required course for their program of study. Find a list of approved PLA courses here.  

Who is a candidate for PLA courses?

Students who have at least five years of professional experience in an applied area aligning with courses within the desired Graduate degree.

Students should feel comfortable with online learning and working in a self-paced environment. 

Learning Assessment

Types of learning that are applicable for assessment include:

  • Existing work experience
  • Employer training programs
  • Military service
  • Open online classrooms courses (MOOC, Coursera, edX, etc)

Cost Savings

Tuition for a traditional Lasell University graduate course is $1,800. A student's first PLA-eligible course can be completed for $650, and $450 for a subsequent PLA course.

The credits you earn can be directly applied to your degree.