Keep moving forward, whether it's to better your career, indulge in your passions or shift directions.  Learn more about our Associates Degree and Certificate programs that Lasell has to offer that can help you reach the goals you set.  

Associate Degrees

Lasell University offers an Associate Degree tailored for individuals seeking to jumpstart their careers or continue their education with a solid foundation in their chosen field. Associate degree programs are ideal for students aiming for a quick entry into the workforce or those planning to elevate their academic journey by transferring credits towards a related Bachelor's degree. With a curriculum designed to ensure a seamless transition, students can effectively leverage their Associate Degree credits, gaining a significant head start in their Bachelor's studies, thereby saving time and resources while pursuing their long-term educational and professional goals

Career Development Certificates

These certificates allow students to continue to advance their studies, focusing on a specific skill. The courses are 100% online allowing you to study on your schedule.


6 Start dates iconHow long does it take to earn a certificate or associate degree?
Most of our certificate programs are between 3 to 5 courses and 9 and 15 credits that can be completed between 6-12 months. Associate degree are between 60 and 75 credits and take 16 to 24 months to complete. 


creditWhat is the difference between a certificate and a degree?
A certificate is a non-degree program that focuses on a specialized skill and can be completed in less time than a degree program. 


hand with coin Is financial aid available for certificates?
Yes, financial aid is available for most graduate certificate or associate degree programs at Lasell.