Prepare for the CFP® exam by completing the Certificate in Financial Planning—100% online.

Learn and practice alongside expert faculty, students, and working professionals. Seven courses have been developed in collaboration with other colleges to provide a strong foundation in all aspects of financial literacy, planning, security, and management. The courses are registered under the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) Board of Standards and offered in a convenient online format. 

Career Advantage

Careers in Financial Planning are expected to grow 15% over the next 10 years. That's "much faster than average" according the Department of Labor Statistics, with the median annual salary over $90k.1  Take your career to the next level by preparing yourself to become a Certified Financial Planner® or amplify your existing career through a greater understanding of tax policy, investment strategy, and estate planning.

Certificate in Financial Planning includes 7 courses:

  • General Principles of Financial Planning 
  • Risk Management and Insurance Planning 
  • Investment Planning
  • Tax Planning 
  • Retirement Savings and Income Planning 
  • Estate Planning 
  • Capstone Course in Financial Planning 

Courses run in 8-week sessions and are 100% online.


All classes can be taken by students in the certificate program who have already completed a baccalaureate degree program as 311-317 or in a baccalaureate degree program as 301-307. 

How to Register

Are you ready to prepare for the Certified Financial Planner® Exam? Lasell's Certificate in Financial Planning courses will provide you with the subject matter and practice necessary to sit for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) Exam. Courses are offered 100% online and run in 8-week sessions. Each online course is facilitated by an instructor to ensure a dynamic classroom environment and to make sure that your questions are answered. For more detailed information, view the Graduate Course Schedule. 

The CFP® Certificate is competitively priced at $700 per course. Undergraduate students have the option of earning 3 credits per course. It takes just a few minutes to register online. Admission documents are not required. 

Who Should Earn Financial Planning Certificate? 

The course is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in the financial
planning and asset management profession. The courses and curriculum are approved
by the CFP® Board of Standards and meet the requirements for becoming a Certified Financial Planner. 

Next Courses offered on: 

Date Course Code Course Name Course Description Instructor
September 6, 2022 CFP312 Risk Management & Insurance Planning This course provides a comprehensive examination of the general principles of risk management and insurance planning for individual and family clients.  The course first introduces students to the risk management and insurance planning process and working with clients to analyze and
evaluate risk exposures. Second, the core insurance lines of coverage are explored in detail, including health, disability, long-term care, life, and personal property and casualty (homeowners’, personal auto policy, etc.). In addition, the student will learn to analyze an individual and family’s insurance needs, to select the most appropriate insurance policy and company, and to understand a business owner's use of insurance
to protect the business’ assets and future income.
January 10, 2022 CFP313 Investment Planning This course explores the securities market, sources of information, risk/return, stocks, bonds, options, futures, and security analysis, and culminates in portfolio construction and analysis. You will learn how to evaluate different asset classes for different investment objectives and
determine their suitability for investors considering investment goals, time horizons, risk tolerance, and tax situations.
October 24, 2022 CFP317X Capstone Course in Financial Planning This course provides students an opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge learned through the prerequisite six-course CFP® curriculum. Students will participate in developing a complete financial plan, through the use of case studies and interviewing mock clients. Presentations of a formal financial plan, demonstrating the ability to set client expectations and communicate with clients by answering questions and concerns,are also required. TBA

When you register online, you will be asked to log in or create a new account.  Please select the course code and session you would like to attend. Prior to course registration, please have Credit Card info ready.