Graduate Assistantships

Lasell offers its students an opportunity to step up in their careers by working in their field of study while earning their Master's degree and receiving a stipend and a scholarship. Graduate Assistantship (GA) positions help students gain valuable professional skills while also providing a financial aid opportunity. There are a limited number of GA positions available. Those who apply need to be full-time students (carrying a minimum of nine credits a semester) who have been accepted and fully matriculated into a graduate degree program.  

GA appointments are competitive and are determined, among other factors, based on a combination of the following:

  • Completed Application for Graduate Admission
  • Completed Application for Graduate Assistantship
  • Cumulative GPA
  • Relevant background and experience

Select GA positions are available starting Fall 2023. See below for a full listing of all GA positions.

Graduate Assistantship Opportunities

The application for Graduate Assistantships will open in Spring 2022. GA positions will be prioritized according to campus employment needs.  

GA's are appointed from September through May. All graduate appointments automatically terminate at the end of the specified appointment period. A GA appointment will be renewed automatically annually as long as the position continues to be funded, both academic and job performance have been satisfactory, and the GA has exercised appropriate conduct throughout the course of the year. No appointment of a graduate student to an assistantship in any way commits the University to reappoint that same student later. The Vice President of Graduate and Professional Studies will make GAs' appointments after consulting with relevant University departments. Candidates must be accepted into a graduate degree program before being hired as a GA.

Graduate Assistantships can encompass the following:

  • Conducting research under the direction of a Lasell University faculty or staff member
  • Assisting departments with programs and projects

Filling an employment need for the University's GA's at Lasell are involved neither informal teaching, nor grading or assessing student work. However, GA's may assist faculty members in other ways. GA's at Lasell are considered professional appointments and the work should advance a graduate student's knowledge and/or understanding of their field of study. GA's should not be primarily involved in office support or clerical work. 

Required Qualifications

  • Must have a Bachelor's degree in an appropriate field
  • Must be admitted with a clear admit status into a graduate degree program before being hired as a GA
  • Must have the ability to establish effective work relationships and good communication skills
  • Must meet other specific qualifications relating to the particular assistantship
  • Must meet requirements to be eligible for employment in the U.S.
  • Must not be employed either part or full-time at Lasell during the tenure of the appointment


GA's will receive tuition remission for nine credits for each semester of their appointment and may receive a stipend as determined by the department in which they work. Appointments cover fall and spring semesters only; some appointments may be for one semester, either fall or spring. GA's work a minimum of 15 hours per week and a maximum of 20 hours/week in assigned departments during fall and spring semesters. GA positions are not benefit-eligible. 

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