Ecommerce Overview

The Ecommerce Certificate is a 12-week professional certificate program comprised of three courses that provide students with a comprehensive overview of the online retail industry while developing the necessary skills including digital acquisition to retention strategies. Because this industry evolves so quickly, our faculty, who are local seasoned professionals, will prepare you with an understanding of both current industry needs and future trends. 

Skill-based approach

Learn about all phases of online retail from introduction user funnel, to targeting verticals, best practices, and trend and market analytics, which all lead to a holistic understanding of how the industry works.

Courses: Digital Merchandising · Attracting and Retaining Your Digital Customer ·  Developing Digital Commerce Strategies

Upon completion of the certificate, students with have a tactical understanding of the entire user lifecycle, behaviors, and approaches to convert prospective buyers to clients. 

Professional Advantage 

69% of U.S. consumers shop more with brands that offer consistent experiences in store and online.* Get ahead in this highly competitive field. The certificate in Ecommerce will give you an expert understanding of AI to map customers' journeys, leading to personalization, conversion, and consumer loyalty. Yearly trends indicate continued growth in Ecommerce and will be defined by new technologies that will redefine how consumers interact with brands*. 


What students have to say...

"I feel like I'm gaining information that I can apply to real-life projects as I am currently interviewing with an e-commerce company.  This program has reaffirmed my desire to transition into digital merchandising. The topics covered are so helpful and the assignments and readings are really going to help me build my skillset in analytics to confidently speak to KPI's in my current role."  - Brittany '20

"The Ecommerce Certificate program opened my eyes to website best practices for personalization and sales optimization. I'm seeing things now that I didn't see before. I am absolutely gathering valuable data that I'll take back to my web team." - Justin '20

"I really enjoyed the last class. Digital Marketing is actually where I have spent the least amount of time professionally and I actually learned I knew more than I thought I did. If I only had taken this course earlier maybe I wouldn't have hated my previous role so much. I will say I almost didn't take the class because of it falling in FASH, I worried it wouldn't cover digital holistically but it definitely does. I have told a few peers about the class already and will continue to talk it up!" -Stephanie '22


This non-credit curriculum is designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and tools that can be applied immediately to your profession.


The Ecommerce Certificate is $1,485 for all 3 courses. It takes just 10 minutes to register online.  Admission documents are not required. A high school diploma is required. 

Feb 15  - Mar. 14, 2022 FASH 924 Digital Merchandising $495

    Mar. 29 - Apr. 25, 2022

FASH 925 Attracting and Retaining Your Digital Customer $495

    May 10 - Jun. 7, 2022

FASH 926 Developing Digital Commerce Strategies $495

When you register online, you will be asked to create a new account. Please select the course code, semester, and session. Prior to course registration, please have Credit Card or Checking Account Information available. 


We are happy to accommodate groups that would like to take this class or organizations that would like to be invoiced for the course. Email us at